Wallpaper Engine is an application that allows people to use, create and share interactive and animated wallpapers. But since many actions get performed to keep the wallpaper functional, players have this question: “does Wallpaper Engine lower FPS?” Keep reading our guide as we explain in detail whether using Wallpaper Engine impacts FPS. 

Does Wallpaper Engine Lower FPS?

Yes. Depending on your system specifications, the Wallpaper Engine can lower FPS while playing any game and many times even cause crashes, stutter, and other issues. 

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If you own a gaming PC with a powerful CPU and GPU, the Wallpaper Engine will have little to no effect on the system performance. But if you are using it on a low-end PC, it not only uses more resources than it usually does but also causes many performance-related problems. 

The type of wallpaper you use in Wallpaper Engine also impacts performance. If it is minimal, there is no performance issue. But if many actions are performed simultaneously to make the wallpaper more attractive, it will take more resources. 

Here are screenshots from our PC that shows the difference. [Note: The system is running an RTX 3070 and Intel’s i7-10700 CPU]

You can see a massive difference in resources used by the Wallpaper Engine when we switched to a different wallpaper. 

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Apart from that, your Wallpaper Engine Quality Settings are a major deciding factor in whether the app lowers FPS while playing games. Using High FPS for wallpapers with Anti-Aliasing and other visual settings will take more resources. 

So, if you are keeping the quality low while using minimal wallpaper in Wallpaper Engine, it will not affect FPS and will have significantly less effect on the system performance. 

But if you are rocking full quality and frames with advanced wallpaper, you will see some dips in FPS. 

That concludes our guide on does Wallpaper Engine lowers FPS. 

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