Home Game Guides Does the Homeless Guy pay you back in Good Pizza, Great Pizza? – Everything You Need to Know About Rufus

Does the Homeless Guy pay you back in Good Pizza, Great Pizza? – Everything You Need to Know About Rufus

Does the Homeless Guy pay you back in Good Pizza, Great Pizza? – Everything You Need to Know About Rufus
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Rufus, a homeless man, visits your pizzeria and asks not for food, but for a small investment to turn his life around, but does he ever pay you back? Here’s everything you need to know about Rufus in Good Pizza, Great Pizza.

Who Is Rufus the Homeless Guy in Good Pizza, Great Pizza?

During your career as an Ovenist at Red Oven Pizza Shop, you’ll encounter two homeless men who are just trying to get by. The first one that you’ll see the most is Buddy, who is easily recognizable thanks to his extravagantly bushy beard.

The other homeless man is Rufus, who is a tall blonde man with a much more tame beard. You first meet him during Chapter 1, where he comes in asking for some free pizza, similar to Buddy. If you give him pizza, he’ll return at the end of Chapter 1 to give you 50 pizza funds for your generosity. He says that he has plans for the future, and he’ll come back another time.

In Chapter 2, Rufus visits the shop once more. He has a dream to start a new pizza-related app for phones, and asks for a free pizza to collect some data. If you oblige, he’ll thank you and return later.

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During his next visit, Rufus says that he’s about to take the next big step with his app, but he needs an investment of 100 pizza funds to go through with it. Looks like things are turning up for Rufus, right?

Well, unfortunately, things didn’t work out, as Rufus explains on his next visit. His pizza app is a bust, and he gives you 50 pizza funds back as consolation. You can take the money, or you can let him keep it, giving him more time to figure something out.

Yet, Rufus is determined to get something going. He returns to your pizzeria with another app idea, this time taking into account all the things he learned from his failed first attempt. Once again he needs money to jump-start the project, this time asking for a whopping 150 pizza funds. If you agree, he’ll give you a poster of ZaZoom, his new delivery app idea.

Does Rufus Eventually Pay You Back in Good Pizza, Great Pizza?

If you took the empathetic route and stuck with Rufus throughout the entirety of chapter 2, he’ll show up one last time at the very end, this time sporting new clothes and a haircut.

Turns out Rufus finally struck gold, with his new delivery app ZaZoom becoming an overnight success. He knows that he would’ve never gotten here without your help, so he gives you 340 pizza funds to repay your kindness. So yes, Rufus does keep his word and pays you back, with some added bonus!

On top of that, Rufus sets up Red Oven Pizza Shop with a free Pizza Warmer, which allows you to take on ZaZoom deliveries. The ZaZoom deliveries are worth a lot of money, so you could argue that Rufus is repaying with lots of interest!

Let us know if you have any questions about Rufus in the comments below, and don’t forget to check out our other Good Pizza, Great Pizza guides.

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Does the Homeless Guy pay you back in Good Pizza, Great Pizza? – Everything You Need to Know About Rufus