Does Ready or Not have Controller Support? – Answered

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Ready or Not is an exciting tactical shooter from Void Interactive that takes inspiration from early Rainbow Six titles and was developed in the wake of the current Rainbow Six Siege as it becomes more console oriented.

RoN on the other hand was developed solely for PC users as an exclusive title. Although the game is still in beta access, players may be wondering if it has controller support. So in this article, we’ll be telling you whether Ready or Not has controller support.

Does Ready or Not have Controller Support? – Answered


Void Interactive has stated that it plans on streamlining and simplifying the often complicated gameplay of the game’s tactical aspect and in order to achieve that goal, controller support is not something they’re looking to bring into the game anytime soon.

According to the FAQ page on Void Interactive website, Ready or Not does not have controller support at this time. However, the developers could implement this in the future, probably how after the beta phase.

The FAQ response from Void Interactive reads, “alpha will not feature controller support out of the gate, but we will look to incorporate this later in the alpha life cycle. We do plan on having controller support in the beta.”

Void Interactive has also stated that Ready or Not might be making its way to consoles in future as that is something it plans on achieving after the beta phase has been concluded and they’ve gotten satisfying reception from the player base.

So if you’d like to play Ready or Not with a controller, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little longer to experience that. For now, you can only play the game using a keyboard and mouse.

The developers understand how vital it can be for such games to have controller support, and if Ready or Not is looking to compete with other similar games like Call of Duty or Rainbow Siege, then it’ll need controller support in order to compete.

Ready or Not is currently available on Steam as a PC-exclusive title and the developers have stated that the game will have controller support in the beta phase, so players will have to wait until the commencement of the beta.

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Does Ready or Not have Controller Support? – Answered


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