Does Muramasa Have Unlimited Blade Works in Fate/Grand Order

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Senji Muramasa is a Saber-class Pseudo-Servant appearing in Fate/Grand Order. He is summoned in the body of Shirou Emiya by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.

Muramasa is a veteran swordsmith from Ise Province, Kawana, famed within the region. He is the founder of the swordsmith school which created the sharpest katana in the Sengoku era.

Muramasa had a theory that he was summoned in Shirou’s body because they shared similar traits in both body and mind, going so far as to speculate that Shirou could actually be his descendent.

So if Muramasa and Shirou share so many similarities and a possible relation, it is only natural for them to possess some of the same abilities, right? Does this mean that Muramasa can use Unlimited Blade Works just like Shirou did? Read on ahead to find out.

Can Muramasa Use Unlimited Blade Works?

Yes, but not exactly. Muramasa is a blacksmith that is very confident about his skills, which let him even reach the territory of pantihons. Muramasa is capable of creating a Reality Marble which is very similar to Shirou’s Unlimited Blade Works, called Tsumukari Muramasa: Originless Creation of Swords, which is Muramasa’s Noble Phantasm.

In this Reality Marble, Muramasa creates the ultimate katana. After reproducing a wasteland of countless swords due to the deployment of a unique Reality Marble (a landscape akin to Shirou’s Unlimited Blade Works), all the swords break, scattering like snow crystals, and only one blade remains in Senji Muramasa’s hands. One slash that severs time and space, and even fate. The inscription of the sword is Tsumukari Muramasa.

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The Tsumuraki Muramasa is Muramasa’s ideal sword that he dreamed of creating one day. However, using it will cause him to perish, since he is not a god.

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Does Muramasa Have Unlimited Blade Works in Fate/Grand Order


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