Does Metroid Dread Have a New Game Plus?

Metroid Dread

The highly anticipated Metroid Dread has recently been released. The legendary classic has returned in a new form. You will also navigate locations, find new outfit upgrades that will help you get to inaccessible locations. In this guide, we will answer the question that concerns many – is there New Game Plus here?

New Game Plus in Metroid Dread

We have to upset you because Metroid Dread doesn’t have New Game Plus. Of course, previous versions of the Metroid series didn’t have this feature either. But many new releases have New Game Plus in them so that players can continue playing even after completing the game. This feature allows you to use your upgraded character with unlocked abilities or weapons. Thus, you can gain new experience fighting strengthened opponents.

After passing the game, Metroid Dread offers to go through it again but on a different level of difficulty, namely in Hard Mode. This mode is distinguished by stronger opponents, their health and attacks will greatly increase. Meanwhile, you will be with minimal health, and you only have basic weapons in your arsenal. However, the attack patterns of all enemies, including bosses, will be identical at all difficulty levels. Therefore, on the first playthrough, you need to remember them well.

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To make this challenge more interesting, the developers have added a reward in the form of three possible Artwork Rewards, which you will receive depending on the speed of the walkthrough.

You need to complete each mode in 4 hours to unlock all 6 Artwork Rewards. And after that, you will be able to unlock Bonus Artwork.

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Does Metroid Dread Have a New Game Plus?


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