Does High On Life Have Co-Op Play? – Answered


Squanch Games’ High On Life is a unique and thrilling experience that takes players into a once-in-a-lifetime adventure where they’ll play as a bounty hunter who must save the earth using their various skills and alien-like weapons against hordes of enemies across different stages.

There are lots of memorable characters in the game, some of which will see some players return to the world even after completing the game. However, a lot of newly released titles come with multiplayer elements like competitive online modes or co-op. So does High On Life have Co-Op Play? Let’s find out!

Does High On Life Have Co-Op Play? – Answered

Despite its gorgeous-looking world and fascinating characters, High on Life does not have any form of multiplayer or co-op play. Before the game’s global launch, all footage that was released by Squanch Games showcased that the game was going to be a single-player experience.


And after its release, we can now confirm that High on Life is a Single Player game. Another obvious reason that shows there’s no co-op play in the game is that when browsing through the game’s menus, you’ll easily realize that there is no multiplayer anywhere in the options. So once again, High on Life is designed to be a solo experience.

While this might be upsetting for players who enjoy playing such titles with friends, the game’s single-player experience isn’t all bad as well. Players can use the protagonist’s weapons known as Gatlians who surprisingly does the talking.

Ultimately, the game is incredibly exciting as a classic solo shooter. And after completing the tutorial, players will be tasked with various bounty-hunting missions where they’ll have to take down multiple aliens in hopes of saving the earth. Whilst the protagonist doesn’t speak, the weapons will do the talking throughout the journey, so it’s not going to be a boring adventure.

High On Life is now available exclusively for Xbox and PC at $59.99.

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Does High On Life Have Co-Op Play? – Answered


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