Does Dead by Daylight Have Bots


Dead by Daylight, just like many of the most popular games now available on consoles, PC, and mobile devices, is a multiplayer-focused game, meaning that it is simply not possible to enjoy its unique experience without other players. This makes quite a lot of sense, considering the game would be a very boring experience if you take out the asymmetrical multiplayer mechanics that make it so unique.

Still, there are some advantages to having bots in multiplayer games, and many of the best games around do have them. Is Dead by Daylight among these games that feature bots? Let’s find out.

Does Dead by Daylight Have Bots?

As of Chapter 24, Dead by Daylight does not have bots, so every time you play the game, you can be sure you are matched with real people and not with AI-controlled Survivors or Killers. Developer Behaviour Interactive, however, is planning to introduce bots in the near future.

Speaking during the 6th Anniversary stream, producer Aurélie Gérault did confirm that bots will be coming to Dead by Daylight by the end of 2022, possibly by this winter. Those worrying that they will start getting matched with bots more often and get their games ruined can put their minds at ease, as it has been confirmed that they will only appear in custom matches. Having more options is always a good thing, and it is nice to see Behaviour Interactive listening to the community that made their game so popular.

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Dead by Daylight is now available on all modern gaming platforming, including Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. A mobile version coming with mechanics better suited for playing on the go is also available right now on iOS and Android. Give the game a try even if you only have a passing interest in horror games and multiplayer titles, and you will definitely not be disappointed.

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Does Dead by Daylight Have Bots


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