Home Game Guides Does Call of Duty MW2 Have Slide Cancel? – Answered

Does Call of Duty MW2 Have Slide Cancel? – Answered

Does Call of Duty MW2 Have Slide Cancel? – Answered

Call of Duty MW2 is the newest game of the legendary series and it already has a huge hype around it. There are lots of different changes and some of them are related to slides. Those who mastered the previous games from this franchise may worry about certain moves that may be impossible to do in the new Call of Duty. So, this guide will tell you if Call of Duty MW2 has Slide Cancel.

What Is Slide Cancel in Call of Duty?

Call of Duty is one of the most popular franchises and it has a huge list of different games based on various historical ages. The Modern Warfare projects are related to modern armed conflicts and they allow your character to use tactical equipment and perform some cool moves. One of them is called Slide Cancel.

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Slide in Call of Duty is a standard move that can be performed in most games from this franchise. It allows you to move faster via sliding on a surface and it may take a second or two before your character finally stops. So, you may want to cancel your slide and such a move was available in previous games. However, it seems to be unclear if you can do such a thing in the new project.

Does Call of Duty MW2 Have Slide Cancel?

Slide Cancel is a valuable move that was used by most players in the previous Call of Duty games. However, the new project has an issue with this mechanic. Unfortunately, you can’t perform Slide Cancel in Call of Duty MW2. Also, it seems that Slides are a little bit slower in comparison with other games from this franchise.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a new game and it has a lot of new features. We will be glad if our guides will help you to learn more information about all these changes. Good luck in your further matches!

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Does Call of Duty MW2 Have Slide Cancel? – Answered


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