Grab your sword and master the fine art of spinning rapidly until you’re about to hurl! Dizzy Knight is a new sword-spinning action game where you – you guessed it – spin your way through endless hordes of monsters!

The Spiral Throne is the destination for all aspiring Dizzy Knights, and you must face adversities and conquer challenges that you have never seen before. In order to reach the Spiral Throne, you will need to master the art of the Dizzy Knight!

Dizzy Knight features three modes: Endless, Campaign, and Advanced. In the Campaign mode you will journey to the Spiral Throne using simple touch controls. Your knight will spin on his own, but you must time your strikes well. Certain foes can only be hit in certain spots, so you must spin with finesse!

As you gain experience, your knight will learn new special abilities, such as the ability to launch magic missiles out of your sword while spinning. You can also find and purchase new weapons to wield, including brutal axes, powerful hammers, and more!

With 40 stages across four different worlds, the journey to the Spiral Throne will be a hard and arduous task. Do not lose hope, and spin your way to victory! Dizzy Knight is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.


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