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Divine W: Perfect Wonderland Classes Guide | What is the Best Class?

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland Classes Guide | What is the Best Class?
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Divine W: Perfect Wonderland is a mobile MMORPG that is themed after Chinese folklore and mythology. The game features ten different playable classes, each with their own unique abilities and skills. They all excel in their own areas of combat, but which ones could be considered the best? We’ll go over everything you need to know in our Divine W: Perfect Wonderland classes guide that aims to answer the question: What is the best class?

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland classes guide

There are ten playable classes in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland, each with their own unique skills. We’ll give you a rundown of each class and what they can do in combat. You should also take a look at the Divine W codes for a bunch of free in-game rewards.

Nether Official

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The Nether Official judges all living creatures that live in the realm between life and death. Wielding an enchanted paintbrush, he is able to to draw magical talismans that can attack his foes. He can also inflict status ailments and has access to a few support spells.

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Heavenly Dragon

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The Heavenly Dragon is a master swordsman who can cut down foes with ease. With high base strength and critical rate, the Heavenly Dragon is the perfect class who those prefer to fight up close and personal with their foes.

Phoenix Plume

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The Phoenix Plume is a master assassin, able to strike with swift and deadly precision. She’s one of the fastest melee fighters in the game, able to unleash a flurry of strikes before enemies can retaliate. Although her defenses are naturally low, her agility helps her keep up in battle.

Dragon Lady

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The Dragon Lady is basically the female counterpart to the Heavenly Dragon. She also wields a swords and attacks with grace and aggression. She’s the most nimble of the classes, as a lot of her moves focus on evading enemy attacks while launching counterattacks of her own.

Divine General

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The Divine General wields a magical spear enchanted with the power of frost into battle. He is one of the more balanced classes, as his stats are very well-rounded, making him the master of none but also with no glaring weaknesses.


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The Seiya is a long-range class that snipes foes from afar using the power of the Full Moon Bow. While she isn’t capable of huge burst damage or status ailments, she can attack consistently for sustained damage, making her a reliable source of damage.


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The Monk wield a staff and the blessed powers of the spirit Vajra. The Monk is another well-rounded class, boasting decent offensive and defensive abilities. He’s also one of the few classes that has access to some support abilities.


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The Lowrie is the tricky speedster that uses a magical parasol to blast foes with spiritual energy. While her attack options are decent, her greatest strength is that she has access to healing magic that can support her and her teammates.


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Wukong is the legendary hero from the Chinese folklore tale. In Divine W, he wields the enchanted staff, Ruyi Jingu Bang. He is an extremely powerful melee fighter, able to fight foes at both close and long ranges, thanks to his staff.

Flame Song

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The Flame Song explodes into battle using a specialized cannon that can fire all sorts of powerful ammo. Flame Song fights from afar, bombarding her foes with huge explosions. While the Seiya excels in dealing high single-target damage, the Flame Song is great at blowing up groups of enemies.

What is the best class in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland?

So, with ten classes to choose from in Divine W: Perfect Wonderland, which one is the best? Well, long story short, the best class is any of them, if you’re willing to shell out real money.

Divine W: Perfect Wonderland is a game that is extremely “pay-to-win,” which generally means that the game heavily favors players who spend real money on the game. The reason for this is that Divine W has various top-up systems that can boost your character way ahead of a non-paying player, but in order to use them, you have to fork over some real cash.

Naturally, this throws out any semblance of balance that the game might have, and instead opts for way overpowered characters. It doesn’t matter what class you choose; if you use any of the top-up systems, you’ll be absurdly powerful in a matter of seconds.

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Of course, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy the game as a free player, but just be careful once you start doing PvP. The difference between a free player and a paying player are night and day, and you will almost always lose against a paying player.

From a strictly free player point of view, there really is no “best” class. Some would argue that the Phoenix Plume is the strongest because she’s just really strong in PvP. Even then, other classes can still perform decently, assuming you’re going up against other free players and not paying players.

At the end of the day, if you’re not planning on buying any in-app purchases in Divine W, you should just choose the class that looks the coolest to you!

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Divine W: Perfect Wonderland Classes Guide | What is the Best Class?