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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Guide: Tips & Cheats to Master the Game

This article is over 4 years old and may contain outdated information

If you’re wondering how to get better at paying this game, our Disney Sorcerer’s Arena tips and cheats article – a complete guide to the game – will come in handy. So make sure you go through it to make sure that you’re doing all the things right in the game.

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Having an opportunity to control some or all of your favorite Disney characters, level them up and send them in battle is definitely a great thing, and even though this is not the first Disney themed game to go the RPG game, it’s definitely the best. Or at least its novelty makes it seem that way.

So without further ado, here are some Disney Sorcerer’s Arena tips and tricks in our complete guide for the game!

Focus on completing the campaign missions

Your main goal should be that of completing the campaign missions as fast as possible. Or at least getting as far as possible ASAP.

With the campaign missions, not only that you earn XP and level up to unlock new in-game features early on, but you also get access to some of the character upgrade materials, as well as chests with rewards and even new characters for your team.

So that should be your main focus: completing the campaigns, from the easiest to the most difficult, one mission at a time. This way, you will be as advanced as possible in-game, making it a lot easier for you to upgrade your characters and basically play a better game.

As soon as you hit a wall in a campaign, move to another and so on. Always have them at the last mission that you can beat with your current team setup.

Complete all the quests and special events

If you want to approach Disney Sorcerer’s Arena as a free to play game, you will have to do a lot of grinding and especially take advantage of all offers in-game, like the daily quests, random quests and events.

Fortunately, there are always all sorts of events happening in the game: in some you compete against other players (which makes them more difficult) but in others you simply have to be active or complete missions.

Make sure to go as far as you possibly can in these quests, because the further you go, the better the rewards and potential new characters will be unlocked.

Make it a habit to start each play session by looking at the daily missions and completing them one at a time, starting with the easiest one to complete and ending with the most difficult.

Upgrade your starting characters

Although there is a ton of characters in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, unlocking them is not extremely easy – especially early on and if you don’t want to spend real life money for new characters.

This means that – like it or not – you will have to focus mostly on upgrading your early characters, as you’ll be playing with them for a longer time, until you have several days of playing under your belt and more options to choose from.

This is not really a bad thing – at least not for the campaign and other PvE missions – as the starting characters are pretty solid and can take out the enemies with relative ease.

But the strategy of saving resources for when unlocking better characters is not a good one here – at least not early on – because the most important thing for you is to get as far as possible in the game, leveling up faster in order to unlock all the game’s content.

So the character that you will have by level 15 or so will most likely be the base of characters you will have to play with the most.

Getting more characters

There are various ways for you to get more characters in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, but if you go the free-to-play route, there will be a lot of grinding involved and it will take a while before you will have a solid selection to choose from.

So, the obvious and easiest way for you to unlock more characters is by spending some real life money: there are all sorts of deals and discounts going on at all times: just check the ones that are available when you’re playing and choose the ones that gives the biggest bang for your buck.

But apart from that, you will get character shards from all sorts of places in the game and, with a bit of luck and a lot of grinding, you will eventually unlock even the rarest characters in the game. Make sure to take advantage of all these to get more characters:

Open free chests, watch ads for getting chests, log in daily to grab the rewards, complete achievements, rank high in special events, complete the campaigns and all missions in the game… all of these will slowly but steadily help you unlock more heroes in the game.

Setting up the perfect team in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

There are three main character types in the game: offensive characters who focus on dealing damage, defensive characters which taunt the enemy and have high health, keeping everybody alive and support characters that give all sorts of boosts, buffing or healing your characters or debuffing the opponent’s.

Setting up the perfect team depends a lot on the characters that you have on hand and the golden rule of thumb here is that the characters with the highest number of stars are the better choices.

You will just have to mix and match what you have, but based on that I would recommend to have one tank and one healer in your team. I also like fast characters (like Aladdin or Hook) because striking the enemy twice before they can even move is a huge advantage.

Winning battles guide: special abilities

Now let’s move to some strategies to use in the battles themselves in order to make sure that you win them easily!

Special abilities are probably the most important thing in battles as they can easily change the course of a fight. This is why you need to make sure that you always and only use them at the right time!

First of all, you have to know exactly what each of your characters does with their special abilities and plan your moves accordingly. While it would seem logical to try and use an ability as soon as possible in order to give it time to recharge for a second use, that is not always the case.

Always use an ability when you get the maximum effect from it: for example, an ability that damages multiple enemies could be more useful when 1 or 2 (or more) opponents are already damaged and low on health.

A massive attack on a single opponent is more useful when it is actually taking out that fighter before they get a chance to move. So always look at the big picture and plan your moves – especially the special ones – with care. Which brings us to…

Win battles by attacking enemies in the right order

If you mix and match this order of attack with correctly using the abilities at the right time, you will do a lot more better in battle.

I recommend you to always play with the bottom left option that shows you the order of attacks unlocked: just tap the character thumbnail there to see the order in which characters will attack.

Your main goal is to take enemies out one by one: don’t attack them all randomly. 5 enemies with 1% health left deal a lot more damage than 4 with 100% health and one with 0!

So, looking at the attack order, decide on which enemy to focus on: if you can take out the first one to move before they get the chance to do it, then attack them. If not, attack a character that you are certain you will take out before they get a chance to move.

Take into account the opponents that might cast Taunt (in most cases, they will on their first move!). If they are present in the game, attack them first because you will be forced to do so anyway.

However, if you have more heroes in your team that deal solid damage to multiple enemies (or maybe a spell), you could still get better results from attacking a dangerous opponent, then the one getting a taunt and then blasting them away with a spell/ability.

In other words, always strategize and plan your moves, making sure that you take as many opponents as possible – one by one usually – as fast as possible, allowing them as few attacks as you can.

Don’t forget about the spells!

Spells are extremely powerful, but they usually need a lot of time to activate. But once they do, if you use them at the right time, they can really wreak havoc on the battlefield.

So keep an eye on them and use them when they deal the most damage: not when you only have one enemy left with low health before the final wave, but when the final wave begins (I’m using this as an example).

Test the various spells in regular campaign missions, to see which one works bet with your team setup. Or just check out our article about the best spells in Sorcerer’s Arena.

Join a club to increase benefits

Being part of a strong, active club in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is essential if you want to progress faster in this game.

When you join a club, you instantly have the option to donate (and request) Enchantment items or energy, which will help you get your heroes stronger and progress faster through the game.

But you also get the option to play in the Dungeon to earn coins that you can spend in the Club’s store for some amazing goodies there. So being part of a large, extremely active club will help you a lot in the long run.

Most likely, there will be club-related events in the future and maybe even wars between these alliances, an additional reason to make sure that you’re in a great one from the start.

Level up to unlock all in-game features

If you are reading this, you are probably just starting with the game – in which case, you will most likely have most features (or at least a few) locked.

The only way to unlock all content in this game is to level up by being active in the game. The higher your level, the more things you will unlock in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, the more you will know about the items you have collected and the more fun you will have.

So even though at the beginning it might seem that there’s not really a lot for you to do, keep playing and level up: soon, you will have tons of options to have fun in-game.

What is the Sorcerer Stone in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena?

One of the items that you can only use later in the game is, for example, the Sorcerer Stone. However, you start collecting it way before reaching the unlock level.

The Sorcerer Stone will be available to be equipped by your characters once they reach level 37. Many of the items that you win and have no apparent purpose will be available to be equipped or used in the game once you reach a certain level.

The Passholder Season

Once you reach a certain level in the game, you will unlock the Passholder Season and Passholder Pass – an event that lasts a longer period of time, rewarding you with points based on your in-game performance, following a quest-system.

Of course, if you want to make the most out of the Passholder Season, you need the Gold pass (which costs real life money). The rewards from it are truly amazing, so if you can afford it – and you know that you are active in the game, definitely get it!

I wrote a more in-depth guide to the Passholder Season here, to help you decide if you should invest in upgrading to gold or not.

Watch ads for freebies

This is not a game that focuses heavily on watching ads, but you can still watch up to 10 per day in order to win free chests.

Not only that you get these chests, but you can also complete an optional daily mission if you watch video ads, making it a win-win situation

Log in daily and grind like crazy!

This is undoubtedly a game that’s all about grinding – like all RPGs of this nature. But it’s fun and rewarding, so it won’t seem like a chore.

Plus, with the auto-win options and autoplay, your involvement in the grinding part can be minimal, while still earning all the benefits.

The “grinding” part will see you focus on completing all missions each day, then moving over to getting the required equipment for Tiering up your main characters. This way, you will improve your team’s strength and you will be able to achieve more in the game itself. What a fun way to pass time!

These would be, for now, our Sorcerer’s Arena tips for you. If you have additional strategies that will help fellow players get better, don’t hesitate to share them below. Also, make sure to check back often here on Touch Tap Play as we will soon have even more in-depth guides related to the game.

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