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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Best Spells in the Game

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Best Spells in the Game

Spells can be extremely useful in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, but with a even more limited number of slots available (compared to hero slots at least), choosing the best ones could prove to be overwhelming.

Well, we’re here to help you decide what spells to use in the game by sharing our list of the best spells in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena!

Initially, I wanted to rank them all from the best to the worst (in my opinion) but I decided against doing this.

If with a Disney Sorcerer’s Arena tier list things are different, as we have more characters available and different scenarios in which to use them, spells are pretty straightforward and you can use the same two in all instances.

So what we will do today is check a list of all spells (and what they do) in the game, then decide which two are the best for you. Let’s get this started!

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Spell List

Magical Meteor – Deals damage to all opponents

Trigger’s Tower – Summon Trigger on the battlefield, dealing damage and potential effects based on its level.

Blue Fairy Magic – Cleanse all Harmful effects from all teammates. Apply opposite helpful effect instead.

Bucket O’Soldiers – Summon a bucket of soldiers who assist every basic attack and attacks random opponents 2 times (or more, based on level)

Clock Tower – Inflict Midnight Countdown on all opponents. When it activates, they turn into a pumpkin for 1 turn.

Conjuring Cauldron – Summon the cauldron which gives magic to random teammates and increases speed meter.

Dad Moves – Inflict silence and other debuffs on opponents (based on level) Boosts for Ian and Barley.

Duke Caboom – Deal damage to target and adjacent enemies with a chance to inflict Vulnerable.

Fairy Slumber – Inflict Sleep on target and adjacent enemies (plus Speed Meter reduction depending on level)

Fowl Play – Deal damage to target and flanking enemies. Purge helpful effect and apply them to random teammates.

Golden Hammer – Revive a dead teammate or, if no teammate was defeated, give Undefeatable to the lowest health ally and heal a % of health.

Hunny Pot – Deals damage and casts slow.

Infinity Sided Die – Applies buffs to random teammates and debuffs to random opponents.

Mortal Potion – Deals damage, purgest helpful effects and casts the opposite.

Peanut Pummel – Deals damage to all opponents and casts Blind.

Peter’s Shadow – Create a shadow of the target teammate, with a % of their health, offense and defense. Can only perform Basic Attack.

Prince John’s Taxes – Reduce the magic charge of a random ability for random opponents. Additional effects, like speed debuff based on level.

Snowgies – Inflict slow on target opponent(s) and chance to inflict stun.

Spirit Mufasa – Grants helpful effect to all teammates. Bonus for Simba

Splash Mountain Soak – Deals damage to all opponents, decreasing magic of a random ability on each affected opponent.

Sugar Rush – Grants haste and fills speed meter to all allies, with a chance to have them perform their basic ability (depending on the level of the spell)

The Claw – Deal damage to opponents with extra damage to spawned minions. Extra speed meter increase for Buzz.

The Headless Horseman – Deals damage to target and flanking enemies. Casts Fear.

Thunder Mountain Boom – Deal damage and potential debuffs after expiration.

Wild Imagination – Deals damage to all opponents, heal block and continuous damage (starting level 2)

Zap – Deals damage to target opponent, with a chance to chain to an adjacent one.

Best Spells in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

Now that we saw what each of the spells in the game can do, let’s see which ones should we choose to take into battle.

You can definitely mix and match them as you like and try as many combinations as possible, but I personally prefer spells that have a destructive effect and deal damage to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

The top spells in the game, in my opinion, are these: Trigger’s Tower, Bucket o Soldiers, Golden Hammer, Peanut Pummel, Splash Mountain Soak, Sugar Rush, The Claw and Wild Imagination. Try to mix and match them as you see fit.

I personally consider the following combination to be perfect: Bucket o Soldiers and Wild Imagination. Perfect for dealing massive damage overall.

You can also consider a combination like Golden Hammer and Sugar Rush in order to ensure that you keep your heroes alive and boost them as much as possible.

Other good spell combinations (it all depends on what spells you have, in the end) are those mixing a summon with a direct damage dealing spell or a booster like Sugar Rush: this way, you can control the battlefield and give you extra chances with the additional characters, but also deal massive damage instantly if needed.

And this would be our guide to spells in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena. If you like to use a different combo of spells in the game, let us know by sharing your comments below.

Also, don’t forget to check out our previous articles covering the game, like the tips and tricks article or the one about the Passholder Season.

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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Best Spells in the Game


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