I am sure you want to unlock all the characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms, the beautiful Disney themed game that was launched for iPhone and iPad recently, and probably our tips and tricks have helped you a bit already. But there are really a ton of characters waiting for you to unlock them in the game – characters that also unlock collections and rewards and I am here to share with you all the details on what you have to do to get them all – because there can’t be a top amusement park without all the characters present!

So without further ado, here is how to unlock all the characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms! Have fun!

Pluto: 150 Diamonds Required to Welcome him
Mickey Mouse: Unlocked by default
Minnie Mouse: Defeat Evil Emperor Zurg (play the game to get there)
Goofy: Unlocked early on through a game mission
Daisy: Defeat Pete by playing the game and completing missions
Donald: Can’t be unlocked at the moment of writing this guide (coming soon, though)
Pete: Defeat Pete by playing the game.
Zurg: Defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg to unlock him
Jessie: Complete in-game missions to unlock her
Woody: Unlocked early on in the game
Buzz Lightyear: defeat Pete to unlock him
Bo Peep: Complete Woody’s quests to unlock her
Hamm: Welcome Jessie
Sarge: Complete more Woody quests to unlock him
Rex: Defeat Pete
Mike Wazowski: Complete regular quests in the game (Toy Story quests)
James: Complete more Mike Quests
Boo: Complete Toy Story quests in the game
Roz: Complete more of Mike’s quests
Randall: Defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg
Wall E: Complete Toy Story themed quests
Eve: Complete Toy Story themed quests
Gothel: Coming soon
Flynn: Defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg
Rapunzel: Complete more Tangled Quests
Maximus: Defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg
Tinkerbell: Play the game for 5 days (reward)

Right now, these are all the characters that you can unlock in Disney Magic Kingdoms, but I am sure that more will be added by future updates and until that happens, you still have a lot to unlock as completing the requirements is not an easy task.

Most of the characters listed above can be easily unlocked simply by playing the game and completing different character actions in order to get the items required to welcome them after unlocking them, but some can only be unlocked by spending Diamonds or Gems (the premium currency), like Pluto for example. But even without paying, you can still get a lot of great characters in the game and fill your amusement park with a lot of joy!

Which are your favorite characters in the game and what characters do you think they should add in future updates? Let us know by commenting below!


  1. I’m a little confused. I beat Pete, but Daisy says I need to complete more Toy Story quests. Also, Pete is in the storybook as an unlocked character. But he’s in my park, just without any quests. I wish there was a game guide for this app.

    • Pete will hang around in the park for a while – he’s the first boss you have to deal with. Once you do, you’ll have to complete a number of Toy Story (and possibly Monsters Inc) missions before you can invite him back as a normal character.

  2. Not helpful at all. The information you have provided is the same as what the game states. Still don’t know how to get Pete or Zurg, OR Randall.

  3. How do I get to where I can defeat Pete because it leveled me up to level 17 and I have the eight thousand and some magic things but idk how to gems without buying them

  4. This is really not helpful at all.. You’re just saying exactly what the game is saying except even less helpful because it’s not accurate..

  5. So getting to zurg..
    Need to be level 26 or higher.
    Have woody Jessie and buzz up past level 5
    Need to have Pete and leveled up to 3 and his quests completed.
    This unlocked the battle of zurg for me..
    After that you get rid of the spell…
    Do Mickey quests and get roz and do her quests and it unlocks minney.
    What I need to know. Is it got thief and waiting for rapunzel. How do you get flora?
    I have minney on level 7 and still no flora.

  6. I do not have money to buy gems to get pluto out and only have a few is there a way I can get him out other then by getting gems?

    • Lucy,
      I defeated Pete, and you don’t need Pluto.
      Just do the task again for the same character (Mickey or Goofy) after they are finished doing it the first time. There are no limits of repetition for characters doing a mission. But you might have figured that out by now…


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