Disney Magic Kingdoms Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get the Best Amusement Park


Gameloft have just launched on the App Store a game that is absolutely beautiful, one set in Disney’s world and one that will be perfect for both children and grown-ups. In Disney Magic Kingdoms, you are challenged to bringing a Disney themed park back to its glory after the evil Maleficent took over and along your way you will have tons of fun and unlock all your favorite Disney characters to help you complete your quest.

This is indeed a beautiful game and we’re here to help you a bit by sharing some Disney Magic Kingdoms cheats, tips and tricks on how to get the best amusement park there is, unlock all characters and have the best time playing the game!

1. Visit other Kingdoms to get magic
Tiny amounts, that is true, but it is extra magic and every bit helps because the Magic requirements will get bigger and bigger as you progress through the game.

2. Start with the wishes!
Keeping the people visiting your amusement park happy is extremely important, so make sure that you tap the icons above some of the children’s heads in the park. If there are two or more who want a wish with Mickey, for example, check them both first and do the fastest one first – if the fastest is just a few seconds or minutes. Try to optimize your time so that you grant as many wishes as fast as possible, to fill up the meter and unlock all the great rewards!

3. Follow the missions
The missions in the game are pretty nicely thought and following them will help you get through the game’s story faster than otherwise. Always work on the quests the characters have for you because that’s the only way to keep going forward and have fun!

4. What to do with idle characters
Even if you’re following the missions, more often than not, some of your characters will be idle and have no mission. In that case, you should do one of the following things: either check out the kids around and see if they want an activity with the free character or – and this will happen more often – simply give them something to do. Ideally, you should give them something to do that unlocks items required for extra characters or leveling them up, but if you don’t have such an option or you already have all the items, go for the activity that gives you the most magic.

5. Scroll around
Disney Magic Kingdoms gives you a beautiful and huge park, but very little means of navigating it rather than simply scrolling around and seeing everything by yourself. Make sure you do that every time you log in to the game or after some time passes, to make sure that you get all the rewards possible and you don’t miss anything.

Another good strategy to make sure that you don’t miss anything important (something that has to be collected) is to build all the structures that give you something close to each other, so you don’t have to scroll too much to check each one out.

6. How to unlock all characters
We’ll have a complete guide on this soon, but until then, tap the Characters icon in the lower right corner of the screen and simply browse through all the characters that you see listed there. Tapping on each of them will show you what you have to do in order to unlock them – or what you need to upgrade them if you have already unlocked them. Generally, by simply playing the game and optimizing your play time, you will get them all!

7. Optimize your play time!
Time management is one of the most important things in Disney Magic Kingdoms. All activities require more or less time, and ideally you should do the shortest activities possible in order to get the biggest reward (a 60 second activity will give you 5 magic, while you only get 100-something from a 4 hour activity). However, since you won’t always be logged in to collect the rewards, it makes most sense to just do the quick activities when you are in the game and then set your characters do the longer ones while you are not logged in – this way, you maximize your magic gains and you will immediately have everything you need to build/buy everything in the game and have an amazing kingdom!

These would be for now our Disney Magic Kingdoms tips and tricks, but if you have more, we’d be more than happy to read them in the comment section below.

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Disney Magic Kingdoms Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get the Best Amusement Park


    • Honestly, since the free upgrade in Google Apps, i now find myself receiving the gems & magic more readily. Plus, there’s a lot more adventures and characters AND ground to cover. All that combined = A whole new game, completely (the sorceror works with the player by bartering!)

    • You just tap them and if Mickey is available, it will open up his activity menu. Select the top activity – normally that’s the one required and it should have a smiley face next to it.

    • If you click on the kid, it will take you to Mickey and if you look closely, you will see a smiley face next to the action that they wish to see Mickey do!

    • When Mickey is not busy. Click on the mickey face above the childs head it will take you what task mickey has to do to make that child happy i click on eash one to see which one takes less time..

  1. Daughter and I started game same day. I’m a level ahead of her but her park has had 12000 visitors but mine 1200 why the big difference. I have kids but 99% have character bubble. How do I get more kids?

  2. I am having a really time getting the items required to unlock Bo Peep. I do all the activities to get the items, but they are rare. I’ve tried multiple times, and its not easy because they are all 6-8 hour activities. My meter is all the way up too. I keep thinking you can’t get them and its the game’s way of getting me to buy gems to pass the mission. Did you have a difficult time with this too?

  3. I’m at 99% happiness I keep granting wishes and it never goes up to 100% I already went through the entire happiness wheel thing. Will it start over again?

  4. Okay so I need to complete quests with Goofy to do just about everything but there are not quests for Goofy to do?? I’m stuck and could really use some help!

    • This is my issue as well. I can’t clear the land behind California scream’n because I need to do more goofy quests, but none are prompting. I think I need to clear this to delete Pete.

      • If you’re stuck on a character with a clear mission that you can’t complete, you need to level that character up. Some missions require the character to be at a certain level before you can complete said mission.

    • I’m stuck there, too, but think I figured it out. I played through the Goofy and Mickey missions until Goofy is done “recruiting” Pete for his band and Mickey has been to Philharmagic and then reminisced about Minnie. No new quests for them; my mission board wants me to unlock more Toy Story characters. I think unlocking them will lead to more missions with Goofy (specifically to “defeat Pete” which some other characters require for unlock).

    • Go to the character book icon and find the character you’re interested in leveling up (for example Bo Peep), then click that character and the required items will appear in a sidebar on the left telling you how many you have and how many you need (for example 0/2). If you click one of those icons (for example Bo Peep’s bonnet), it will pop up a small window that shows you which characters must complete specific tasks to try and earn those outstanding required items. Hope that helps!

  5. Does anyone know if you can restart this game from the beginning? I uninstalled and thought that would restart but it didn’t and also how do you move buildings and such, can you even move them to a different spot?

  6. Can some one tell me how I can tell woody to have a nice day on the job I’ve sent him too work but the mission isn’t doing anything:/ been stuck on this level for days some one please help

  7. In the quest ‘Second home’ how do you send Woody to snack at Jessie’s round up.
    Also in the quest ‘I know what’s best’ how do you complete the practicing lassoing. I’ve done the action where he lassos, 3 times now, but it doesn’t make the quest.

    • on the phone tap and hold you will see a circle forming when its don let go and you can move anything on windows 10 just click and hold the same way

  8. For days now, none of the kids in my park have any wishes..ie “thought bubbles”. So my happiness just keeps dropping & dropping. Why are there no more wishes to grant???

  9. How do you get Buzz to call space command at Astro Orbiters? I’ve tried leveling him up but there isn’t a mission that specifically states this task. I’ve tried “contact space command” but that hasn’t completed the mission.

  10. Help please Woody has been stuck at practicing lasso skills. Did it at least a dozen times and the task won’t clear? And how do we get more brooms. I have people on my leader board that are way over 300 and I cannot even get to 175? Getting frustrated.

  11. Is anyone else having issues with granting wishes??? Haven’t had any in over a week. Happiness meter went from above 3 rd smiley to 0% of the whole meter!!! Can’t do the parade anymore either! Anyone have any ideas?? (I don’t know what the previous suggestion meant by turning it off? There isn’t that option that I can see!)

  12. When a character has a quest to do and is currently idle, click on that character in the quest list. It will open their task list, and no matter what it’s called, choose the FIRST task in their list. It is the one that will clear that quest, even if another task has a more “suitable” name. :)

    • I’m having the same problem. They all want to ride an Incredibles ride that I didn’t have enough coins to buy and now is locked since it’s no longer available and now more and more visitors have that wish and I can’t grant them….anybody have any ideas?

  13. For some reason volume only works while on Bluetooth speakers or headphones anyway to turn this volume option off so I can hear it in the background.

  14. ok i stuck on the game i have all these characters that need to do stuff but I can’t get what I need to level them up what do I do everything that it tells me to do to get the stuff its not giving it too me and the chest just keep giving me magic ughhh plz help plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  15. How often do the broomsticks regenerate? I know that they are in groups of 8 but don’t know how long to keep checking in. I want to be in the leaderboards.

    • Apparently, from an answer above, it’s about every 3 hours. I’ve just read that myself so I can’t verify it as yet. I’ve only got 8 so far!!

  16. Is anyone frustrated with the random chest items? It’s irritating to wait 12 hrs for a chest to open and then try for something good and end up with a bench or street light. I understand this happened with the 2018 update. Before that people could pick what they wanted. AARGh!! Please put it back the way it was.

  17. How do I get Pumbaa. I opened a chest as per the instructions and wasted my gems by getting something else. Then there is the option to buy the lion king chest but no guarantee I will get Pumbaa? Why would I pay $$ for something that I won’t get a gurantee to get the character I want?

  18. I’m newer to the game and wonder if I should use the Malificent coins to try to get LaFou but I know I won’t have enough when the challenge is done. Does the tokens save for the next time you can unlock LaFou or any other character? Thanks for any help

  19. You can get pluto withou paying gems, it just takes time; you can watch 2 vidoes a day to earn 2 gems, then level up characters that gives you a gem
    I never see an option to visit other parks

  20. Does anyone know what happens to event currency once the event is over? I have a lot of iced pastries and not a lot to spend it on as it’s taking forever to get items and be able to buy characters!


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