Rogue Games, the developers behind big mobile titles like Epic Skater 2 and Oz: Broken Kingdom, have released a new atmospheric, narrative-driven puzzle adventure game titled Outsider: After Life, and this is Touch Tap Play’s preview of it!

Many centuries ago, humanity disappeared from the face of the Earth. No, scratch that – they disappeared from the universe entirely. There seems to be no records of what exactly happened other than “The Escape,” an initiative to evacuate the last of humankind.

Unfortunately, that plan seemed to have failed.

Somewhere in the galaxy, amidst the ruins of an abandoned research facility, a little android wakes up from repair. With only its frail frame and a small clue of what happened, the android sets out to discover the truth.

Outsider: After Life is an adventure game full of rich narrative, detailed visuals that draw you into the world, and a atmospheric soundtrack. As the android, players will travel across various locales in search of answers.

Using simple swipe controls, controlling the android around is very easy to do. The real challenge is putting clues together and solving puzzles, which will test any adventure gamer!

Outsider: After Life is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store for 3.99 USD.


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