The mighty beings that once ruled the Earth are coming back with a vengeance! Jurassic World Alive is an all-new augmented reality game featuring your favorite dinosaurs from the dino-mighty Jurassic Park franchise.

Taking place in the new timeline, Jurassic World Alive sees the inhabitants of Jurassic World escaping the unstable island of Isla Nublar. With nothing left to stop them, they’re free to run rampart throughout the world.. including your own city! Your quiet little neighborhood is about to get a rude awakening!

Players are tasked with venturing out into the real world to find these dinosaurs. Each player is equipped with a drone that allows them to collect DNA samples from dinosaurs they find, which they can take back and use in their labs.

With the right samples, you’ll be able to create your own hybrid dinosaurs that will follow your command. That’s right – you get to build your own personal dinosaur team in Jurassic World Alive!

Once you’ve got the perfect team, head out into the world and challenge other palyers in intense real-time PvP battles to see who’s the top dino. Keep your wits about you – you don’t know who’s got a tyrannosaurus rex on their side.

Life finds a way, and the dinosaurs have definitely found theirs. Jurassic World Alive is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Once you start your jurassic journey, be sure to check out our Jurassic World Alive tips and tricks guide to get a headstart!


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