It’s time to hunt… or be hunted! Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores is an exciting first person shooter that puts you on an exotic island untouched by man. The only things living on this island are dinosaurs, of course! Hunt a variety of these wilds beasts, ranging from the docile stegosaurus to the ferocious tyrannosaurus rex. You’ll be a master hunter with our Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.

Choose your weapon and lock and load, because it’s time to hunt some dinosaurs with our Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide.


Aim for the lungs or heart!

As gruesome as that sounds, you will gain bonus cash at the end of a level if your shots strike a dino’s lungs or heart. Lung shots are worth 25$ while heart shots net you a nice 50$. If you keep playing the Rifle Series levels, you’ll eventually unlock an Infrared enhancement to your rifle scope. This shows you exactly where the lungs and heart are when you’re zoomed in, making it very handy to land the shots easier!

Hit the weak spots to stun the boss dinos!

When you take on the harder, single target dinosaurs (I call them the boss dinosaurs), you’ll see red indicators hover over certain body points. Shooting these will often make the dinosaur flinch, buying you precious time to reload and get your bearings. This is especially important during the hunts with the large dinosaurs, like the tyrannosaurus rex, because you definitely do not want to be up close and personal with a T-rex!

Upgrade your starting weapons first!

When you first start out, your base weapons will be good enough to take you through until at least the second region. If you take a look at the store, you’ll notice that the only weapons you can buy cost outrageous amounts of gold. The only time you’ll ever get a chance to spend cash and not gold on a new weapon is when you’re offered a special deal, so if you’re in the market for some new guns, keep some cash with you in case you ever get the chance.

Follow the weapon recommendations!

Some levels will recommend your current gun to be upgraded to a certain point before tackling them. It is very important that you follow these guidelines, as it’ll make the hunt a lot easier. Some levels will even outright require your gun to be upgraded enough before it lets you attempt it. If you’re strapped for cash, try doing Contract Hunts, as those are usually pretty easy to do.

Collect the map pieces to unlock new regions!

If you swipe over to the right when you’re on the level selection screen, you’ll see the second region filled with 9 boxes. Each box represents a map piece, and you have to collect them all before region 2 is unlocked. If you tap the little “i” button in one of the boxes, it’ll show you how to get it. For example, unlocking region 2 requires you to hunt 4 of the Trophy Hunt dinosaurs in region 1. Basically, you want to keep doing the weapon series and trophy hunt levels to progress.

Take your time and practice aiming with rifles!

For most of your dino hunting career, you’ll be using mainly rifles. Get used to the aiming and always try to hit weak/vital spots. Remember, scope out the area in the beginning of a level before firing a shot. The dinosaurs will not be alerted to your presence until you fire, so you have plenty of time to aim your first shot correctly. Even though it’s most important with a rifle, careful aiming is helpful with any of the weapons. May your aim be true!

That should cover everything, so get out there and bag yourself some dinos! But also make sure to love your local dinosaur plushie too, because I did feel kind of bad hunting the herbivores. :( Anyways, if you’ve got a suggestion or question, leave a comment below. Good huntin’!




  1. How do I advance from contract hunting? I am stuck there…… I kill everything with the guns the levels require……


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