Dino Factory is a really unique dinosaur breeding game with collectible and time management elements. Available on iOS and Android, this game can quickly draw you in and keep you busy for hours. Or for as long as you have donuts to feed your scientists!

We’re here to help you get the most out of this cute mobile game by sharing some Dino Factory cheats and tips. In our complete strategy guide, you’ll learn all the tricks in the game, as well as what you have to do in order to create ’em all. There are many things to consider when playing the game – and even more to unlock, so let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out some Dino Factory tips and tricks below!

UPDATE: Make sure you check out the comment section as well for some additional and extremely useful tips and tricks!

Always work on producing dinos!
At first, you will be required to spend a lot of time in the game because the production is really fast, but slowly things will take longer. Make sure that you’re always working on creating new dinosaurs and your production line is full. This way, as soon as you sell one, you can put another for sale and keep the funds coming constantly!

Research is your friends
Just like working on dinos, constantly researching is extremely important. Research is pretty confusing at start as you don’t really understand what most of the upgrades mean and how they actually improve the game, but they do. By researching certain technologies, you will also unlock new dinosaur breeds, so it’s worth doing it. My recommendation: research in this order: Shop, Factory, Dino.

Increase your profits per Dinosaur sold
Once your dinosaur is ready and out in the yard, make sure to tap them again and buy all the upgrades. Then increase the price a few times: it will show you below how long it will take for it to sell. You get good profits for dinos that sell in around 10 minutes, but it gets really profitable with those requiring 20-30 minutes to sell. A good strategy is to increase the price as much as possible when you go offline for a longer period of time.

Level up your Staff & Boost Them
Your staff is extremely important, because they work on creating your dinosaurs. There are tons of staff types available, but early on you will have only the most basic ones on hand. Apart from feeding them donuts to keep them working, you can feed them more donuts to level them up. A leveled up staff member performs better.

In order to level up your staff, you can either tap each staff member you want to level up in your factory or tap the action button, and select Employees. From there, you can also add any booster items that you have collected during gameplay. Some have random effects, but usually they’re all beneficial, so it’s worth trying them all.

Upgrade dinos
You can also level up dinos and there are two methods to do so: free or paid. Obviously, I would suggest going for the free method, since it’s the most fun. In order to do it, all you have to do is to create the required number of dinosaurs until they level up. To see the numbers for each dinosaur, simply go to your Collection and tap the dinosaurs you want to upgrade.

Alternately, you can spend premium currency on upgrading them, but that’s better spend on Staff to increase their rankings.

Connect with Facebook & add friends
This game really rewards you for being social, so connecting with Facebook and adding friends is essential. You can share your Dino Factory friend code as well and others can add you. There are major benefits from having as many friends as possible (like gifts, being able to hire them and much more), so try to get a ton of friends as fast as possible.

If you don’t have any real friends playing the game yet, you can leave your friend code or URL to your Facebook profile in the comment section below and other players will add you. Make sure to add them back!

Grab the mystery cards
Every few minutes, you can watch an add to get a free mystery card. Do so every time you have the chance (or as often as possible) because, even though the rewards they offer are not that impressive on most occasions, some times you really hit the jackpot with those mystery cards and get great rewards!

Keep an eye on breeding options
Early on, since you don’t have many unlocked dinosaurs, you can’t breed a lot. But as you unlock more, you’ll have a ton of options. So always keep an eye on the breeding options you have available and as soon as a new one appears, make sure to take advantage of it and breed a new race. Usually, those new breeds will give you a ton of money when sold!

Complete Quests and Special orders
Every now and then, you will get various quests, special orders or Events in the game. Accept them all and try to complete them, because you will get amazing rewards for doing so. The Special orders are the easiest to complete as you only need to create the required number of dinosaurs. It’s well worth the trouble, trust me!

Build new structures to expand your park
Even though making money will be slow at first, eventually you will be able to put aside enough to work on expanding your park. Swipe all the way to the right and select the Build button, then build the structure you want. I would recommend going for those giving you money first, but eventually you will have to build another Dino Dealer to have even more on sale at the same time.

These would be our tips and tricks for Dino Factory. If you have other suggestions for fellow players, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment sections below.


  1. And here are some tricks I discovered, maybe you could add them to the list? Oh, and maybe you are able to cut them shorter than me- english is not my Standard language and even if I am able to use it, I cannot be as precise and short as I want to..

    Money grinding: although there are many dinos with a good selling value you will find the single rule : more workforce= more money. But here a two dinos which balance is over the top. At first the “Azure Saur” . With a building price standing at 8.1k and it’s workforce 900 it may seems to be expensive, but with all upgrades you can sell them for round about 80k, if you set the selling time at max. This will take to long? Nope. The max time is about 10h. Build them until you are able to create the second big money dealer – the “Birdosaurus”. This one will empty your pocket at the first time, but once you were able to build one and sell it, you will be able to build two- and so on. Building costs lay at 800k and the workforce ist about 18k- this one is no dino for standard workers. But if you upgrade four or five Standard workers to Ingenieur lvl, it should be buildable. And- if you compare price and workforce with other high-end-dinos- you will soon find out, that birdo is one of the fastest breeded dinos in the premium-dino class. With full upgrades you get more than 4.5kk (!) Out of one birdo. Fine, those upgrades will take about 1.5kk at first, but once you made it for the first time and repeat the building of birdo, you will not encounter a lack of money ever again.

    Workers: I like togive you this advice- save your ingame cash for special workers like catman, johnny banana or the doc. They may be expensive, but their workforce is easy 3 or 4 times bigger than any standard or Ingenieur worker or even bigger than that. Use the events to create cash. But dont be hasty- its normal if you fail to complete the first events. For example- the first event I completed was the fourth I joined. But you will grow to that soon enough. But once you complete an event you will get cash. There are not enough active players- the least place I finished an event was 186 and you will be rewarded till 300. And the best workers are the ones you get during an event. They simply have more stamina than any other workers, which means that they will work longer for lesser donuts.

    building dinos: if you do not take part in an event the building tipp earlier mentioned is absolutely right- build them in row and keep your workers busy. But if you compete in an event – and if you are able to finish it- build the bigger dinos alone. The stage 3 dinos have about 10-15k needed workforce, the stage 4 dinos up to 50-75k and you are often forced to build more than ten of them. These dinos are easier and faster to build, if you tale them one by one. And NEVER build more than you need. Why? Because if you have to build for example 3 dinos and in your row are five, you wilö finish the 3-dino-quest and the 2 dinos left will NOT BE COUNTED. Stage 4 ends with an open-end-producing the last unlocked dino- from this point on every dino will count. But if you had build them BEFORE the open end starts, they will not be counted to your score- bitter. The construction of them is to expensive and costs too much time to waste one of them.

    For now that should be all of it^^
    If I find more, i will post them here :]

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