Diner Dash Adventures Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Levels

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In today’s article we are going to share with you all the Diner Dash Adventures tips and cheats to help you pass all the levels and serve all the customers in time, to get the maximum profit!

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If you are familiar with some of the previous Diner Dash games (for PC at least), you will know that this game follows pretty much the same pattern – but simplified in my opinion. In this game you can now take the orders instantly, without having to take them to the counter, and also it’s much easier to seat the customers in my opinion.

So generally the game is not super difficult, but sometimes it will require you to use boosts because of daily tasks. Either way, you’re here to learn all the Diner Dash Adventures tips and tricks that we have up our sleeves, so let’s dive right into them!

Know how to tap

If you are super fast at tapping, you might end up seating the wrong customers at the wrong table. It’s very important to know how everything works, so let me break it down for you!

First time you see the customer you can tap on a table to seat them down. Quickly after, they might order a Doughnut or other stuff, so you need to be prepared to take their order. If it’s a simple Doughnut, it’s easier and faster (and at start mostly the Red customers order these).

Anyway, once you got their order, you need to wait for them to leave and once the dishes disappeared from the table, tap ONCE on the table. Only once! This will collect the money they left and you can leave the table open.

This thing is good to know in case you have multiple colored tables, but you don’t want to seat the wrong color customer at the wrong colored table. Make sure you know this, else if you tap twice, you might seat the wrong customer at the wrong table!

Match the colors!

Some tables might have pre-defined colors from the beginning of the level, but they might not always be 100% accurate. For example you might have a red table too among them, but no red customers incoming.

What you should do is try to always match the customer to the table, because this will give you bonus tips (and increased heart level). Always check the line in advance to know exactly how to place your customers, because this in itself is pretty much a strategy game!

Swap the customers

If you feel like the customer behind the first one in line is able to sit at a better table which matches them, then make sure you swap them using the button right there next to the line. This will not hurt their feelings, don’t worry! Just make sure you seat the right customer at the right table!

Make as many upgrades as you can!

The upgrades will cost Coins and Gems, so make sure you always upgrade the diner as the game recommends you. The upgrades, even if they cost a lot, will bring you a lot more Coins, so it’s definitely worth it.

And another thing that they will not recommend but I really suggest you do (also, it’s pretty cheap!) is upgrading the Soda Dispenser to level 2. At level 2 you will be able to get 2 glasses instead of 1, so it will make a huge difference – trust me!

Other than that, just follow what the game recommends that you need in terms of upgrading, because you will not go wrong.

Check the Shop for daily deals!

Every day you will find various goods in the shop for a discounted price (for like 10 Coins). Make sure you check these out and buy them whenever they are available, because they will come in handy more than you think! I suggest that you always buy the discounted stuff whenever you see a new one!

If you can’t pass a stage, use boosts!

The boosts are there to help you pass difficult stages, so make sure you use them whenever you are having a hard time! There will be plenty rewards which give you boosts, so don’t worry about saving them for later. This is not a match 3 game where everything is random.

No matter what you do, just make sure that if you are having a hard time, you don’t shy away from using the boosts!

Decorate however you like!

Much like Gardenscapes, you will be able to also spend the stars you collect to decorate and rebuild the diner and its surroundings. You should always pick the designs that you like most, but if you happened to pick something that you don’t like, don’t worry!

If you tap and hold on the item you want to change, you can select another design! The new design will cost Coins (or Keys if it’s a more special design), so you won’t have to spend Stars to do it all over again.

Try out various combinations of decors, because you will definitely create something fun and unique to yourself!

Get to know your job around the diner

So basically when you are serving the customers, there are a few tips I can tell you to make everything much faster and give you a better bonus! I will list them all below, so here they are:

– When you place customers one after the other quickly, you will also get a small boost.

– When you take order, try to take multiple at the same time. For example if two tables want Doughnuts, pick 2 of them and take them separately. This works with everything. You have two hands, so you can pick up two things at the same time! Remember that!

– If you picked up something that nobody wants, take it to the trash can!

– Pick up the orders properly, so you won’t give Cookie a headache and waste your time. (I’ll detail more about this below)

– Serve the customers that you want to replace first immediately. For example if you have a table of 2 that has a big waiting line, make sure you serve those first!

– If you know something is about to be ready soon, you can tap there to move to that location so you won’t waste time until the item is ready. For example if your customers want Soda, go and sit next to the Soda Dispenser (if you don’t have to do anything else) until the juices are refilled.

– Do multiple tasks at the same time! If you tap on multiple places, the game will take you to exactly those place in the order that you tapped. So make sure you do this right because this will be super important to know the more you advance.

Pick up the orders in the right order

If multiple customers want the same thing, try to pick them in such an order that Cookie (you cook) can make them at the same time. For example, if a customer wants a Burger and a Salad and another wants just a Burger, make sure you first pick the order with the single Burger, then the one with a Burger and a Salad.

The order of the items the customers want is pretty important, so if you try to pair them up to get multiple of the same item one after another, you will have them ready much, much faster.

Level up the customers!

After a while, you will unlock a new button which has the function to let you level up the customers. Basically the more you serve a certain customer, the more hearts you will receive with them.

This function will allow you to level them up and also give you tons of useful rewards, whenever they will level up.

Complete your Daily Goals

The Daily Goals are basically like your daily tasks, or daily quests. When you complete them, you will earn various goods for reaching milestones, but also a better reward when completing all of them.

Make sure you always do them every day, because they will give you tons of boosts and Gems.

Check your mail when you are just getting started!

When you just start off in the game you will receive a few in game mails which are going to give you quite a few good rewards! Make sure you check them because you will not regret it!

Among these rewards you will also find your very first costume for Flo that you can add to your collection, which takes me to the next point – the costumes.

Get new fashions!

Flo (the mail girl character) will be able to change her clothes, just like in every other Diner Dash game. The only difference is that here the costumes are a little… odd. Oh well, we will have to work with them!

Now your very first costume you will get from the mail when you are just starting off, but soon after you will get one from just passing the stages (The Greasy Spoon Outfit), and others from various places in the game:

– Celebration Outfit – in your in game mail

– The Greasy Spoon Outfit – by completing tasks

– Bundled Up – purchase Special Bundles in the Store

– Tracksuit – rare item in Daily Deals (what I told you before to check often)

– Hip Outfit – purchase Special Bundles in the Store

– Rosie the Riveter Outfit – purchase Special Bundles in the Store

– Santa Outfit – special events.

Now for the other accessories, you can also find them either during special events, in the Daily Deals, or by purchasing stuff for real money in the Store. Whenever you collect all the items from a collection, you will be able to break the Piggy Bank belonging to that collection. This will give you tons of goods!

Connect your accounts to the game to earn free Gems!

When you go to the Settings (top right corner of the screen) you will see there two types of “Connect”. First one, the Facebook Connect, will reward you with 2 free Gems if you link your Facebook account to the game!

The second one is the E-mail Connect, so if you have an E-mail address, make sure you connect it to the game because this will earn you 6 free Gems! That is definitely a good deal!

These would be all of our Diner Dash Adventures tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips that you would like to share with us? Make sure you do so in the comments section below!

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Diner Dash Adventures Cheats: Tips & Guide to Pass All Levels

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