We’re back in the digital world with another guide on Digimon Heroes! This time, we’ll be taking look at the various ways of earning more digimoney – the premium currency – and more digimon, of course! So let’s get started with our Digimon Heroes cheats, tips and strategy guide to get more digimon and digimoney!

1. Complete the missions!

Certain missions offer digimoney as rewards, so it’s in your best interest to do as many as you can! Always be sure to knock out the daily missions first, as they will reset once the day is over. Your regular missions will stay forever until you complete them, so you can tackle those whenever you like.

2. Collect your daily gift!

If you log onto the game at least once every day, you’ll earn a free daily gift. If you keep up the log ins, the gifts will get gradually better. Be careful though – if you miss a day, you’ll lose progress on the calendar. Also, the calendar will reset automatically at the end of the month, so try to make it a habit of logging in at least once every day! There’s a lot of digimoney waiting to be earned from it.

3. Add strangers as friends!

Before you venture out into a level, you can pick a random player’s lead digimon to take with you. After the level is over, you have the option to add that person as a friend. Always do so, as if you play with registered friends often, you’ll earn more Friend Points than usual. Friend points can be spent on digimon eggs, so it’s well worth it! These eggs can help you get some cool digimon.

4. Try out the event levels!

Sometimes an event will be going on where you can get exclusive digimon that cannot be found anywhere else. Check to see if there’s an event happening by tapping the “Event” button next to the level select row. Make sure your team is prepared for a fight, as the event levels can be quite difficult! If you manage to beat an event level, you may be rewarded with an SP Ticket. SP Tickets can be used to get special digimon eggs. You’ll have a chance at snagging a super rare digimon!

5. Replay earlier levels!

If you’re looking for a specific digimon, check out the drop info button. Select a zone and tap the button to see what kind of digimon will appear in the current zone. This is useful if you’re hunting for specific digimon or need capacitors to digivolve one of your favorites. Often times you’ll be able to find the items you need by replaying earlier levels. It’s helpful to note that most zones will only carry one type of digimon, for example the very first zone only has dragon-type digimon.

That’s all digimon collecting tips we have for now. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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