The world of Digimon is now in your hands with Digimon Heroes! Digimon Heroes is a card game RPG hybrid. Match colored cards to attack with your team of digimon. Build team from over a 1,000 digimon, including fan favorites from the anime! The world of File Island lies in the hands of you and your digimon, so let’s get started with our Digimon Heroes cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Unleash the wild critical!

You know of the wild cards, yes? It’s always good to keep in mind how damaging the wild critical is! You can pull off a wild critical if you match three wild cards in a row. A Wild Critical involves your entire team doing a critical hit worth of damage. Needless to say, this will make short of just about any digimon. If at all possible, try to save your wild cards for these big moments, although it’s a bit tough considering they can get automatched with just about any card.

2. Know your types!

The three basic types are dragonnature, and knight. Dragon beats nature, nature beats knight, and knight beats dragon. Using an effective type will double your damage, while halving it if you use the resistant type. There are also holy and dark types; these two types beat each other out, so remember that! Bringing the right digimon with you into battle is key to success!

3. Digivolve your favorites!

Once you’ve sacrificed enough extra digimon to power up a base digimon to maximum level, they may be ready to digivolve. To digivolve, you must have a specific of digimon at the right level, and you also need to have the corresponding evolution capacitor. Make sure the colors match with the digimon you’re trying to digivolve! If everything goes smoothly, your digimon will digivolve into a better digimon with even better potential.

4. Check the drop rates for the zone!

Need a specific type of digimon or evolution capacitor? When you head into a zone, there will be a button at the top right that says Drop Info. Tapping this will show you what kind of digimon you’ll encounter in that zone and what kind of items may drop. This is incredibly useful if you’re hunting for some specific things!

5. Complete the missions!

Missions are optional objectives that reward you with random goodies, sometimes even digimoney, the premium currency of this game! Make sure to complete as many as you can. You have static missions and also daily missions. The static missions stay until you complete them, but the daily missions are shuffled around every day, whether or not you’ve completed any of them. Try to complete the daily missions first.

6. Pay attention to the next card!

You can see what cards are coming up next during your attack phase. You can’t tell what number they have of them, but you can tell what type it’ll be. Use this to your advantage and change of your strategy accordingly. For example, say you only have one red card, but you see two coming up. You can select two random cards, then choose the new red cards are they are moved into your hand.

That’s all for now. Tomorrow, we’ll be back with another guide on Digimon Heroes! Until then, if you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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