Diggy’s Adventure is a adventure puzzle game where you’ll be following in Diggy’s father’s footsteps. His father was a renowned explorer and treasure hunter, but he’s gone missing so now it’s up to you to help Diggy find him! Diggy’s Adventure is primarily a top-down cave exploring game. You’ll break through walls and rocks to find treasure all the while piecing together the mystery of your father’s disappearance. We’ll help you find some sweet treasure along the way with our Diggy’s Adventure cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

The main obstacle in Diggy’s Adventure is primarily time, as everything works around your energy resource. We have a couple ways to deal with it in our Diggy’s Adventure strategy guide.

1. Be efficient with your energy!

The key to Diggy’s Adventure is being able to efficiently spend your energy. Being thorough with your energy ensures that you have minimal downtime, so try to be as efficient as you can. Examine the environment around you when you’re digging around. Try to plan your dig route so that you don’t dig up any unnecessary blocks, wasting valuable energy. You should never dig extra blocks unless you see a chest or jar hiding behind them.

2. Open those chests!

Speaking of the chests and jars, you should always try to open them. Chests and jars contain food items that you can eat at any time to restore a little bit of energy. They’re great if you’re on the verge of uncovering something really big but you just need a little sip of energy. You can also find materials, cooking ingredients, and other valuable goodies inside these chests. They’re worth the energy to get to them!

3. Choose your energy specialization!

There are two types of buildings you can put in your camp slots. One type increases your maximum energy capacity, while the other type increases the energy to regenerate after an hour. You’re free to place whatever buildings you choose, however certain specific buildings can only be placed a fixed number of times. You can build nothing but energy regenerators if you plan on playing the game often. On the flip side, you can build a bunch of energy storage buildings if you’re going to be away a lot. Finally you can just be balanced and build a nice mixture of both. The choice is yours!

4. Be on the lookout for hidden paths!

Sometimes there will be blocks in the walls that can be dug away. The only way you will know is with a sharp eye or if you walk near it. If you walk near any breakable wall, you’ll see a number appear over it. You can use this trick to seek out hidden walls. Hidden walls usually hide a chest or two, so if you’re looking for treasure keep an eye out!

5. Keep your camp facilities going!

The facilities at your camp should always be active, like your Kitchen and Caravan Outpost. Before you start digging through a cave, make sure to queue up any free facilities. Remember that the dishes your kitchen comes up with are usually more effective than random food found in the caves, so make a lot of them to prepare.

That’s all for Diggy’s Adventure. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!