Time to dig for precious crystals! Digby Forever is a simple action game where you lead the titular Digby down into a mine full of wondrous treasures. See how deep you can go while collecting any shiny stuff on the way. Be careful though! The mines are crawling will skittering monsters that can get in the way! Also, there are traps and explosives still laying around so you’ll need your wits about you as you dig. We’ll help you dig deep with our Digby Forever cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Digby Forever is a pretty fun and simple game but it’s hiding some real depth and challenge. So let’s get started with our Digby Forever tips and tricks guide.


1. Try to play around your cards!

Your ability cards are time limited so make sure you use them to their full potential! Each card is categorized into different types. There are drilling, shield, currency, death, enemy, world, and finally gamble cards. You can load up to three cards per run and you can try to just use your best cards available. You can also try to play around them as well. The most obvious example of this are the currency cards. These cards will give you 10 more gems of a specificly colored crystal, so if you’re running one of these cards you’ll need to be on the lookout for said crystals. Another example are the death cards, as specific ones will reward you if you die in a certain way. The Laser Death Bonus card will reward you with 500 gems at the end of a run if you die by… well, a laser! With that said, here are some generally helpful cards:

  • Any of the shield cards are essentially second chances. They can save a run if you end up really deep!
  • The drilling cards are never a bad choice to take along. These will speed up your drilling speed, letting you dig deep faster. Heck, these cards are so useful that they’re almost mandatory!
  • The enemy cards make it easier to avoid conflict. These cards hinder enemies in general ways, like slowing them down.

2. Set off the bombs!

Your main goal is to get as deep as possible, but if you see any stray bombs lying around be sure to activate them. Anything caught in a bomb blast will give you additional gems! Make sure you have a path clear of the blast before you commit to activating them. Also keep in mind that even though enemies can also activate bombs, the resulting explosions will not grant you any gems. Tag them before the monsters do!

3. Invest in the DigBots!

Once you reach a certain distance in the mines, you’ll unlock a DigBot. Your digbot will dig for gems over time even when you’re not actively playing the game. You can spend coins to upgrade how fast they dig or how many gems they can hold. If you’re ok with opening the game often, you can spend all your coins on upgrading their dig speed. Either way we recommend investing some upgrades into the digbots before you spend coins on anything else. They’re a great way to keep your coin reserve up when you’re actively digging through the mines. After reaching another threshold, you’ll unlock another digbot. Keep digging deep to get mroe digbots!

4. Keep an eye on Digby!

Things can get a little crazy when you’re playing Digby Forever. Whenever anything is destroyed and we mean ANYTHING, be it a block or enemy, it’ll explode into a shower of minicubes. This can get really dangerous as the particle effects can cover your screen and blind you for a second. This is especially dangerous during cave-ins, because the giant spires that come crashing down destroy everything in their path causing a tidal wave of cubes. Keep your eyes on Digby and make sure you don’t accidentally run into a hazard!

5. Open those gifts!

Every 30 minutes you can open a free gift box. These boxes will have a random assortment of ability cards in them, so it’s very important you open these as soon as you can. You’ll be spending most of your coins at the beginning on digbot upgrades, so you won’t have much to spare for buying actual cards. Take advantage of the freebies!

That’s all for Digby Forever. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!




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