Dig a Way is a platforming puzzle game that has you scouring the depths of the Earth to find ancient treasures and artifacts buried down deep! Explore, dodge, collect in the wonder world of exotic locations! We’ll help you find all the treasure with our Dig a Way cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Take your time!

Once you go down, you can’t go up! You have no way to go up, so the best method of traversing through the levels is to take your time. The hardest puzzles can easily be solved by just stopping to examine your environment. Don’t forget that you can pan the camera down to check if a drop is safe to go through with.

2. Take boulders with you!

Boulders are introduced a couple levels in. These boulders can be pushed around and act like regular platforms, though they can’t be dug out obviously. When a platform below a boulder is broken, the boulder falls down after about a second. Watch out below! Often times levels will require you to “carry” a boulder with you throughout the level; that is, you need to keep pushing the boulder downward because you will most often need to use it as a platform to a chest or something.

3. …but be careful not to drop them in wrong places!

Boulders can be dropped in the wrong pits, and if this happens, you might lock yourself out of a future treasure or gold. Also, chests don’t really like it – so to speak – when they get huge boulders dropped on them. Remember to check before you push a boulder down a hole, otherwise you might have to restart the whole level!

4. Collect the artifacts!

While you need to collect all the gold pieces and all the chests in order to 3-star a level, the most important collectible you can get are the chests. In certain chests, you will find an artifact, which will be placed in the museum. Each artifact belongs to a set, and if you manage to complete the set, the museum will begin to generate gold for you. You just need to check in periodically to collect your earnings. Aside from digging it up, this is the only other way to gain gold!

5. Explore with style!

Your gold can only be spent on outfits. These outfits don’t change the way the game is played, but it does make your character look a little more snappy. Try an outfit out; you don’t have anything else to spend coins on!

You’re all set to become a master digger! If you have any other questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!


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