Did Wordle Offer Two Different Words by Mistake

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There was quite an uproar yesterday when players discovered the popular daily word-guessing game, Wordle, might have made an error. The Wordle game played on March 30th seemed to have two completely different answers: HARRY and STOVE. One Twitter user pointed it out as she and her husband had both completed the game, only to find they both gave different correct answers!

Why Did Wordle Have Two Different Answers on March 30th?

According to Twitter user Jenny Rodrigues, her and her husband both got the word quiz right despite their differing answers:

The Executive Director of Communication for The New York Times, Jordan Cohen, explained that the daily quiz answer was actually changed from HARRY to STOVE midway through the day “in an effort to make the puzzle more accessible.” The reason being that they realized HARRY is considered an “obscure” word meaning ‘to harass or agitate,’ and not many readers may know it or guess it at all. The word used to be pretty popular, but nowadays the word ‘harry’ is really best known as a name rather than a verb.

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Interestingly, this is not the first time the word has been changed and caused upset in the Wordle community. Back in February, the word was changed from AGORA to AROMA to make it slightly easier to guess. Agora is from the ancient Greek meaning ‘gathering space,’ and is not used in common parlance at all today.

What are your thoughts? Should they keep the more obscure words to perhaps help players expand their vocabulary, or should the New York Times, who now own the game, make sure every word is easier to guess by the majority of people playing? Let us know in the comments below!

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Did Wordle Offer Two Different Words by Mistake


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