Ready to dictate once again? The Dictator series is back with Dictator: Emergence! Dictator: Emergence is an update to the original Dictator with new events and outcomes for you to work with. You can now work towards building a monument of yourself (like any respectable dictator would do) and handle multiple factions. Avert a revolution and keep all of the factions happy with thought-out choices. Ready to become the ultimate dictator? Then let’s get started with our Dictator: Emergence cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Go for the golden crosses!

If you have ten crosses with a faction, any more crosses you earn with them will turn into Golden Crosses. Golden crosses signify that the faction really likes you, and for each golden cross you have at the end of a turn will turn into bonus cash. Each golden cross is worth 20.000$. If you can maintain high status with maybe one or two factions – anymore is a very daunting and delicate task – then you will greatly reduce your cash loss at the end of a turn.

2. Don’t favor one faction!

Do not put all of your eggs in one basket! If any of factions receive too much favor and they gain ten golden crosses, a revolution occur which results in an automatic game over. The key to this game is balance: don’t favor one faction over the other. Make sure that they are all pleased and given enough attention, but at the same time do not neglect any of them too much.

3. Think about the factions!

When you have to make a decision, try to think about how it will affect the other factions. You can always just speak to your Advisor to show the outcomes, but you can also kind of guess once you get a feel for the factions. By this we mean thinking using common sense! For example, agreeing to a decision proposed by the Opposition will almost always net you points with the People, since the Opposition is like the “resistance” fighting for the common man. Agreeing to a proposition fronted by the Police will make you lose popularity with the Opposition and Mafia, because the latter two like to do things their own way and don’t want the police meddling in their affairs.

4. Use the Advisor wisely!

As mentioned above, your advisor will show you the outcomes of either decision, and as a bonus effect it will nullify any potential negative outcome. Use them wisely! If you run out, you can buy ten more advisors for the price of 100 golden tyrants. Golden Tyrants are the premium currency of the game, and they can be earned sometimes through picking certain choices. They are pretty hard to come by, so be careful about your advisor usage!

5. Complete the daily quest!

In addition to receiving them through decisions, you can also opt to complete a daily quest. If you manage to complete it, you will receive around 30-50 golden tyrants. Like the name suggests, you have the day to complete the quest before it reset into a new quest. Try to finish them before the day is over, because any progress you make it lost upon a new day! If you do not want to spend real money to get more golden tyrants, completing these quests is the only real feasible way to gain more.

That’s all for Dictator: Emergence. If you have any other dictating tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!


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