Dictator, it is now your time to conquer the world! Dictator 2 is the sequel to one of the best strategy games for iOS. You are a fledgling dictator of a democratic republic and unlimited power is yours!

How you use that power is up to you and will determine your relationships with the many different parties who are also out to take control. Balance relationships, build your own “card army” and more in this complex strategy game. We’ll help you become a fine dictator with our Dictator 2 cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Watch your funds!

Unlike a lot of other mobile games, your whole campaign can actually reach a dead end if you run out of funds! Upon running out of money, your family will be forced out of the country and the game ends.

To prevent this, make sure you think about every action you plan on taking. Remember that almost everything has an upkeep cost, in addition to the initial purchase funds. Things like the region management bonuses and the auxiliary options all cost funds.

Consider everything before you make a purchase! Also, be sure to check your retirement fund from time to time. At level 1 it has a maximum capacity of 500,000, so make sure to collect it!

2. Try to keep everyone happy!

If you’re focused on taking over as many territories as possible, you’re going to need the best possible battle cards. If you noticed, there is a card group that matches with the factions.

You’ve got cards for the police, people, army, and so forth. The quality and quantity of the cards at your disposal is directly influenced by your reputation with those corresponding factions. If you can keep everything balanced by keeping everyone happy, you’ll have a wide selection of cards to choose from, ensuring your chances of victory.

3. Build oil derricks!

Whenever you get a new region, the first thing you should immediately build is an oil derrick. Oil derrick generate money for you over time and they are absolutely vital to your financial stability.

Without these you will slowly bleed out money and your campaign will eventually hit rock bottom. Leveling them up to level 2 is nice, but just having them as is will provide some nice cash flow.

4. Wait for your retirement fund!

If you ever find yourself in a situation when proceeding with another turn will leave with no money, it’s best to wait. Remember that turns will not pass unless you meet with one of the factions or attempt to takeover another country.

If you need money, wait! Remember that your retirement generates money over time and if you leave the game alone long enough you’ll earn back enough money so you can take a turn again.

5. Try out different card combinations!

Everyone’s playstyle is different, so finding a good card set for yourself will give you a big advantage against your opponent. The only way to discover new combinations is through experimentation though, so don’t be afraid to try out new cards you’re not used to!

Try to strategize and build a central strategy around a couple of cards. For example, you may have card with really high attack power but extremely low health. In this instance, you might want to play a card that has “Provocation” skill first. This skill makes enemies attack the card with it first before anything else.

That’s all for Dictator 2. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, leave a comment below!



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