Ever wanted to fling magically-charged dice at your opponents? Well have we got the game for you! Dice Mage Online is the long-awaited sequel to the original Dice Mage, the spell combat RPG with magical exploding dice.

The core premise of the game remains largely the same: players will assume the role of powerful dice wizards, who are able to conjure powerful battle spells by rolling magic dice. Your damage potential is directly equal to your dice roll, so you better hope that lady luck is on your side!

New to Dice Mage Online are the battle cards. You can now bring CCG-styled cards into battle with you, and they must be activated by rolling a certain number. These cards can grant you special bonuses and abilities, so playing them at the right time is key to victory!

There are plenty of spells to experiment with, and you will need to find your favorite combo as many wizards await to challenge you! With over 75+ spells, there is something for everyone. Take your favorite spells online and battle other wizards from around the world in competitive online battles!

And if that is not enough, you can take on the single player adventure to hone your skills as a dice mage. You can even find and forge special equipment that will boost your stats, so make sure you are geared up before you take on real-life opponents!

Dice Mage Online rolls out onto the App Store today! An Android version will come at a later date.


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