Choose your hero and get ready for battle on the board! Dicast: Rules of Chaos is a new dice-rolling card RPG with a board-game like structure. Roll the dice to see how far you can move, then fight against opponents in epic one-on-one duels!

Dicast: Rules of Chaos features over five different heroes each with their own unique abilities. Ivy the elven archer can snipe foes from afar with her trusty bow, while Scarlet the flame wizard can incinerate her enemies with powerful fire magic. Make your decision wisely, as each hero has their own strengths and weaknesses!

Dicast: Rules of Chaos also features more control due to its deckbuilding nature. Each player will build their own deck of dice cards that have fixed rolls on them – this means that you can control your movement and it is not entirely up to luck!

With a good deck, you can limit the amount of randomness and maneuver your character how you see fit. Strategy is king here, and you will only climb the leaderboards if you can master your hero with the right deck!

Dicast: Rules of Chaos is coming soon to iOS and Android April 2020.


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