Dice Mage Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Beat All Stages


Dice Mage is a new take on the turn-based RPG genre. Lady luck is all you need as dice rolls will determine the outcome of your battles in this game. Roll, reroll, and equip yourself to take down the forces of evil! While this is mostly a random number generated game, there are still some factors you can control, so that’s why we’re here with our Dice Mage cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

1. Don’t be afraid to reroll!

Rerolling can sometimes mean the difference between life and death! If the enemy has a particularly devastating roll lined up, such as two active abilities, then you may want to consider rerolling. Rerolling only costs energy, and you get a little bit back with every enemy you defeat.

2. Get a piece of Medic gear!

A set that you can obtain early on in your dice rolling career is the Medic set. This set is extremely helpful early on, as it has a passive effect of no reroll heal. That means that if you end a turn without rerolling, you will be healed for a little bit of health. Do note that having multiple pieces equipped will not increase the amount of health you gain back, so one piece is fine.

3. Always look for chests!

On the map, always be on the lookout for chests and exclamation marks. The chest levels give you an opportunity to score some new gear, and the exclamation marks provide you stat boosts. Be sure to explore the whole map before moving on! The exclamation mark levels work just like the regular chest levels, but there are only three tiers. If you’re lucky enough to get the last tier, you’ll get four gems!

4. Fight everything you can!

If you’ve got the stats of a powerhouse, be sure to eliminate all monsters you see. Monsters sometimes have a chance to drop stat boosts when you defeat them, so it’ll make you even stronger. Just be sure you have something to heal yourself with overtime.

5. Sell your old equipment!

Got outdated equipment? Good news! You can pawn off your old stuff at anytime through the items window. Even better: your old stuff is worth precious gems! Before you head into a shop, be sure to sell. Once you visit a shop it will disappear afterwards.

6. Watch out for dice abilities!

Each number on a dice roll can have different abilities. Yours will depend on what tome you have equipped. There are many great effects, but be careful; the enemy has access to these effects as well! Some abilities that you may want to watch out for include Attack Up and Dice Up. Attack up provides a moderate damage increase and it stacks, so if the enemy rolls two of these you will most definitely want to reroll! Dice Up adds one to the enemy’s total roll, which can cancel out your attack if you ended up winning the roll by a sliver.

That’s all for Dice Mage. If you have any other tips or strategies to share, let us know in the comments below.

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Dice Mage Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Beat All Stages


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