Diablo Immortal Wizard Guide: Builds, Skills, and More

Diablo Immortal Wizard Guide: Builds, Skills, and More

Since the release of the first Diablo, the wizard was among the game’s classes. Characters that belong to this class were different in each game of the series, but their tendency to destroy their opponents with magic never changed. Diablo Immortal has this class in its roster and today we are going to tell you the basics you will need to play as a wizard. This guide will explain to you wizard’s skills and build in Diablo Immortal.

Wizard Skills in Diablo Immortal

Wizard Skills in Diablo Immortal is a classic set of Diablo wizards. Lots of different spells related to fire, ice, lightning, and arcane. Any player is able to find anything in this list. But in order to be able to fight tough opponents, you will need to create a build consisting of these abilities.

There are many spells that can be divided into a few categories. These are solo target damaging skills, AOE damaging skills, and defensive skills. If you want to create a proper build, you will need to choose something out of these, and we are going to provide you with one of the basic strategies.

Wizard Build in Diablo Immortal

In order to play wizard class at a high level, you will need to choose a couple of skills you will use for fight. The one of possible strategies is an AOE damaging wizard build. It is based on the Black Hole spell which pulls in all the opponents. Then you will need to throw all your damaging skills, like Meteor and Scorch to kill everyone who was pulled. Also, you can add skills like Teleport and Ice Armor to improve your wizard’s mobility and survivability.

The items you use should improve the mentioned spells. Negation Blade and Devouring Void will be great weapons. Also, Mask of Illusions provides a good buff to Teleport. Phoenix Mantle, Starcaller’s Drapery, and Starcaller’s Breeches will improve Scorch and Meteor.

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Diablo Immortal Wizard Guide: Builds, Skills, and More


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