Diablo Immortal All Upgrade Materials List and How to Get Them


You will need updated materials to strengthen your character. Therefore it is one of the most required resources in the game. Read this guide, and you will find out information about all materials and ways to get them. So, let’s start!

Materials Guide in Diablo Immortal

ItemHow to GetDescription
Enchanted DustYou can get this material by completing quests, purchasing in the store, and completing side quests.Enchanted Dust is suitable for upgrading weapons and primary equipment.
Enigmatic CrystalTo get this crystal you need to complete different challenge rifts. Also, you can purchase from it the Smithing Materials Vendor. Enigmatic crystal is used to update secondary slot items.
Glowing ShardThe only way to get glowing shards is to open free chests from daily rewards.This material is used only for updating equipment.
Hellfire ScoriaYou can get Hellfire Scoria from the Scoria at a Blacksmith.Used to upgrade your Helliquary
ScoriaThe most effective way is to complete a Battle pass. However, you still can get Scoria by beating bosses.The only thing you can do with this material is transformed it into Hellfire Scoria.
Scrap MaterialLike a Scoria, this material will be given to you from Battle pass. Also, salvage normal equipment to get Scrap Material.This material is used only for updating equipment.

As you can see, there are a lot of materials in the game. Unfortunately, you will need all of them to upgrade your character. Even if some material seems to be less effective or provides smaller boosts, this material is still necessary for you.

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The main rule in getting materials is just to play more. That is how it works. So, that is all with materials in Diablo Immortal. Hope you consider this guide helpful.

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Diablo Immortal All Upgrade Materials List and How to Get Them


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