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Diablo II Resurrected: Barbarian Class Guide

Diablo II Resurrected: Barbarian Class Guide

Diablo II Resurrected is so nicely balanced that it is effectively possible to overcome all the challenges the game throws at you with any class or build. Things, however, become a little more complicated once you increase the difficulty level, so knowing everything there is to know about the available classes becomes very important to plan builds that can make survive the Hell and Nightmare difficulties.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Barbarian class and the skills it can learn.


The Barbarian is the best class in Diablo II Resurrected when it comes to close-range fighting. With its amazing strength, this class has the ability to cleave through the hordes without breaking a sweat. This, however, doesn’t mean that the Barbarian isn’t good at supporting companions, as investing in the War Cries skill tree will unlock a variety of war cries that can be both the character and all allies.

Given how straightforward the Barbarian is, the class is a great pick for beginners learning the game.

Barbarian Skill Trees

The Barbarian Skill Trees include War Cries, which includes tons of excellent supportive abilities, Combat Masteries, which includes passive skills that improve both defense and offense, and Combat Skills, which includes powerful active combat abilities.

War Cries

SkillsLevel RequirementDescription
Howl1Sends nearby monsters scrambling away in fear
Find Potion1Use on the corpse of a slain monster for a chance to find a potion
Shout6Warns of impending danger and improves the defense rating of you and your party
War Cry6Injures all nearby enemies
Find Item12Use on the corpse of a slain monster to find hidden treasures
Taunt18Enrages a monster into relentlessly attacking
Battle Orders 24Improves the maximum mana, life and stamina of you and your party
Grim Ward24Use on the corpse of a slain monster to create a frightening totem that increases damage and attack rating for you and your party
Battle Command30 Increases all current skill levels for you and your party
Battle Cry 30Fearsome cry that decreases enemies’ defense rating and  physical resistance

Combat Masteries

SkillsLevel RequirementDescription
General Mastery1Improves sword, axe and mace fighting skills
Throwing Mastery1Improves thrown weapon skill
Polearm and Spear Mastery6Improves polearm and spear skill
Combat Reflexes12Increases stamina, hit recovery and life
Iron Skin18Improves defense rating
Increased Speed24Increases walk and run speed
Natural Resistance30Increases natural resistances to elemental and poison damage

Combat Skills

SkillsLevel RequirementDescription
Bash1Powerful blow that has a chance to knock back enemies
Frenzy 1Allows you to swing two weapons at once. Each successful attack increases your overall speed. Requires you to equip two weapons
Stun6Stuns your target for a short time and increases your attack rating
Double Swing6When two weapons are equipped attacks two targets if possible, or one target twice
Leap12Leap away from danger or into the fray
Concentrate12Attack that is not interruptible and improves attack and defense rating and converts physical damage to magic damage
Double Throw12Allows you to throw two different throwing weapons at the same time. Weapons bounce to nearby enemies
Leap Attack24Leaps to and attacks enemies in a radius upon landing
Berserk24A powerful but reckless attack that increases damage and attack rating but decreases defense rating and physical damage resistance
Whirlwind30A whirling dance of death that cuts a path through the legions of your enemies

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Diablo II Resurrected: Barbarian Class Guide


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