Diablo II Resurrected

Diablo II Resurrected, just like the original, features 7 different classes all coming with their own unique traits and skills that determine their playstyle. While it’s possible to customize all classes in a lot of different ways, knowing what each class is good at will make your customizing endeavors easier, allowing you to create characters that are capable of overcoming all of the game’s most difficult challenges.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Amazon class, and all the skills she can learn.


Diablo II Resurrected

The Amazon in Diablo II Resurrected is a powerful female warrior that excels at ranged combat, thanks to the huge variety of Bow and Crossbow skills, but that can also hold her own in close range, as the Javelin and Spear skills give her a versatility that makes her effective at different ranges and in a variety of situations. Her long-range prowess also makes the Amazon a great class for beginners, as she allows players to fight safely from a distance, preventing them from getting overwhelmed.

Amazons also come with great dexterity, which is fully reflected in the Passive and Magic skills that grant her the ability to dodge attacks with ease and even debuff enemies to make ranged warfare even more effective.

Amazon Skill Trees

The Amazon Skill Trees include Bow and Crossbow, Javelin and Spear, Passive, and Magic. You can find all the skills this class can learn below.

Bow and Crossbow

SkillLevel RequirementDescription
Magic Arrow1Creates a magical arrow or bolt that does extra damage
Cold Arrow6Magically enhances your arrows or bolts by adding cold damage and a slowing effect. Cold arrows only do half of their regular damage
Multiple Shot6Magically splits one arrow or bolt into many
Fire Arrow6Magically enhances your arrows or bolts with fire
Ice Arrow12Magically enhances your arrow or bolt to freeze your enemies
Guided Arrow18Enhances your arrows and bolts to track your target or seek one of its own
Exploding Arrow18Enchants an arrow or bolt that explodes on contact, damaging all nearby enemies
Strafe24Magically splits one arrow into several that target multiple nearby enemies
Freezing Arrow30Magically enhances an arrow or bolt to freeze entire groups of monsters
Immolation Arrow30Enhances arrows or bolts to cause severe fire damage and creates a pyre upon impact

Javelin and Spear

SkillLevel RequirementDescription
Jab1Attacks with a series of rapid thrusts using a javelin or spear class weapon
Poison Javelin1Magically enhances your javelin to leave a trail of poison clouds
Javelin and Spear Mastery6Increases damage and critical hit chance with javelin and spear class weapons
Power Strike6Adds lightning damage to attacks with javelin and spear class weapons
Lightning Bolt12Magically converts your javelin into a bolt of lightning
Fend18Attacks all adjacent targets
Charged Strike18Adds lightning damage to javelin and spear class weapons and releases charged bolts upon impact
Plague Javelin18Magically enhances your javelin to release expanding clouds of poison upon impact
Lightning Strike30Adds lightning damage to javelin and spear class weapons and releases chain lightning upon impact
Lightning Fury30Changes a thrown javelin into a powerful bolt of lightning that splits on impact

Passive and Magic

SkillLevel RequirementDescription
Inner Sight1Illuminates nearby enemies making them easier to hit for you and your party
Critical Strike1 Your attacks have a chance to do double damage
Evade6You have a chance to dodge a melee or missile attack when walking or running. Also grants passive movement speed
Slow Movement12Illuminates nearby enemies and slows their ranged attacks and movement
Pierce 12Your missiles have a chance to pass through enemies that they hit
Decoy18Creates a duplicate of yourself that draws fire from enemies
Dodge18 You have a chance to dodge a melee or ranged attack when attacking or standing still
Penetrate24 Increases your attack rating and lowers target defense
Valkyrie30Summons a powerful Valkyrie ally

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