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Diablo 4 Best Endgame Class

Diablo 4 Best Endgame Class
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Deciding on the best endgame class in Diablo 4 feels almost like a fruitless task. In my eyes at least, it’s not quite a competition between different classes but between different builds. Each class can get you through a lot if you invest those skill points smartly and keep yourself from going too hard on the everything everywhere all at once approach.

Having that in mind, I crossed into endgame content with my lightning Sorcerer that I was pretty proud of. That was going to be my choice number one for the best class for Diablo 4 endgame, but then I had the chance to play as a Necromancer with amazing defensive abilities who didn’t disappoint in the damage-dealing department as well. It felt so OP that I had to use it as the base for my Diablo 4 best endgame class choice.

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Diablo 4 Best Endgame Class—Death Conquers All

Necromancer minions in Diablo 4
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You might see a lot of hate for Necromancers in endgame online, but I’m quite convinced now that, with a proper build, you can dominate whatever and whomever you encounter as you go above level 50. The build I’m recommending is a blood-based minion Necromancer that has great survivability while dealing amazing damage.

To get there, you can follow these tips on progressing through the base skill tree:

  • Start with Hemorrhage, maximize it, and enhance with related passives—this build is going to owe a lot of its power to the Blood Orb mechanics
  • For the Core skill, go for Blood Surge, and make sure to get Unliving Energy to maximize your Essence
  • You can opt for Blood Mist, but I didn’t necessarily focus on it too much even though it can be worth sacrificing some points invested elsewhere
  • Since it’s a minion-based build, there’s no need to sacrifice any—try to max out all minion-related passives (Skeletal Warrior Mastery, Skeletal Mage Mastery, and Golem Mastery); they will be the source of your power
  • This build is all about excellent passives—get Death’s Embrace and Death’s Reach, Transfusion, Coalesced Blood, and similar
  • For the Ultimate skill, I chose Blood Wave for its incredible damage and more Blood Orbs that you can get if you unlock related passives, but you can also choose to get the minion-focused Army of the Dead-–that’s the beauty of hybrid builds like this
  • Regardless of what you choose for your Ultimate, make sure to get passives in this section of the skill tree that help with minion management (Death’s Defense, Inspiring Leader, Hellbent Commander, and similar)
Paragon Board for Necromancer in Diablo 4
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Once you unlock the Paragon Board, you will be able to strengthen your HP and damage-dealing powers even further or use this opportunity to balance your strong defenses and add more zest to your attacks. This Necromancer build in particular benefits a lot from pushing Dexterity and Willpower nodes. However, if you’ve already built an almost-impenetrable fortress of minions and HP-related passives, you can go in a more aggressive direction as you progress through the Paragon Board.

When it comes to the Book of the Dead, this build is making use of all three types of minions. I went for Reapers as my Skeletal Warriors for their offensive capabilities, Bone Skeletal Mages for even more damage (even though Cold has its benefits too), and added more to my defenses by using a Bone or Blood Golem.

And there you have it—if you follow these guidelines, you should have a super-strong Necromancer who can dig into one place and remain almost intact while the minions and amazing blood skills deal with all the enemies around you.

Let us know what your Diablo 4 endgame preferred class is and check out more useful guides in our dedicated Diablo 4 section here on TouchTapPlay.

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Diablo 4 Best Endgame Class