Devious Dungeons Cheats: Tips and Tricks for the Pixelated Sword Swingers


As far as 2D platformers go, Devious Dungeons on iOS provides a great take on the simple tried and tested format in which we know and love. This game has a linear format where a lot of you will be familiar with, however with Devious Dungeons Cheats: Tips and Tricks we try to make it just that little bit more, straight forward. If you like the sound of that read on for some tips and tricks in order to help resolve the deviousness.

1. A changing game
One key note regarding this game is that the levels change and add versatility in regards to its surroundings, however there a many aspects of the game that stay the same. What is useful to remember is that each level requires you to find a key and use it to progress. Although the key moves with each changing level it is usually based around the middle of the game, and has more than one enemy guarding it.

2. Kamikaze Enemies
The best way to attack an enemy without being harmed is to wait for them to turn their back. Another useful method is to press back at the same time as swinging your weapon as an enemy comes charging towards you. This way they will not get close enough to harm you but will take damage themselves. For enemies that fire projectiles at you the best thing to do is jump and attack at the same time. Also it is best to reach them first as they provide constant attacks, and then work your way to the other less challenging minions. The Boss battles in this game can be difficult; however they all have patterns of attack. It is important to exploit their vulnerability when they leave themselves open.

3. Use your skills
The player character is much faster than the enemies; although you are heavily outnumbered you can always use your speed to your advantage. The game offers many power ups and it is important to understand what is most useful at the time. Power ups are affected by the amount of enemies you destroy. There is a green bar on the top of the screen once this is filled you are given the option to increase Strength, Dexterity or Stamina. It is important to get a balance between these however stamina will increase your life, and once this has been depleted you will have to start the level again so keep an eye on this in particular.

4. Customization
There is a shop at the start of the game that appears throughout playtime where you can customize your character. You can buy more powerful weapons, armour to decrease the damage you receive, potions that allow you to increase your strength, and decrease the enemies’ resistance to attacks. Rings and amulets can also be purchased to increase your power. Also it is important to remember to swipe through as many candle sticks, boxes and statues as possible as these release coins. The coins tend to have a long shelf life as they do not disappear quickly so it is worthwhile to look around before you leave a level which is cleared as there may be coins left behind.

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Devious Dungeons Cheats: Tips and Tricks for the Pixelated Sword Swingers


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