Devilian is the hottest new action RPG from master action team Gamevil. You’ll choose a character like most action RPGs, but there’s a demon hidden within you. Fight through hordes of enemies using flashy skills and abilities. Once your Devilian power is fully charged, you can transform into the ultimate demon and tear foes apart! We’ll help you forge a path to victory with our Devilian cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Devilian is a pretty easy game to get through, but we still have a couple tricks up our sleeves. Let’s get started with our Devilian tips and tricks strategy guide.


1. Auto play is good enough!

Devilian is pretty easy as it stands assuming your gear is up to date. It’s perfectly okay to leave the game on autoplay, as the computer does a fantastic job of aiming your skills and dodging enemy attacks. Make sure to tap the auto button twice to enable auto skill mode. Auto play will cause your character to use only use their regular attack. Make sure you have skills on to clear the dungeon as fast as possible!

2. Don’t enhance common gear!

You’ll learn early on how to enhance your gear. The game will have you enhance a common piece of equipment just to demonstrate the process, but you should never do this outside of the tutorial. Common gear usually has pretty bad stats and you’ll find better gear very quickly, so don’t bother wasting the gold on common gear. You should only enhance green or better gear. Use auto equip to put on your best gear then use whatever you have left over for enhancement.

Of course, if you have two of the same piece of gear, you can opt to fuse them into a greater quality item, and you should do this instead of using them as enhancement pieces.

3. Complete the quests!

Completing the regular quests will reward you with lots of gold and gems. There are also achievements that can be claimed for rewards as well. You usually don’t have to go out of your way to do the achievements as you’ll complete them naturally when you’re going for the quests. In addition to the regular quests, there are also Secret Quests. These are arguable more important as they reward you with powerful gear upon completion. These quests usually require to pass a certain point in the campaign, so be sure to collect the reward after you’ve done it.

4. Speed through the dungeons!

The only thing you’re graded on in terms of stars for the level is speed. The faster you get through the dungeon, the more stars you’ll earn at the end of it. Obtaining enough stars allows you to open the chapter reward chest, with a new chest for each chapter. These chests usually contain a piece of gear of blue rarity and above, so you should try to open as many of them as you can. You probably don’t have to worry about speed if you’re using auto play, as the computer does a good enough job getting you through swiftly.

That’s about it for Devilian. Like we mentioned, the game is fairly straight forward and easy to get the hang of. Just keep upgrading your skills, gear, and devilstones. You should be okay after that! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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