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Devil Hunter: Eternal War Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get Stronger Fast

Devil Hunter: Eternal War Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get Stronger Fast

In today’s article we are going to dive into the Devil Hunter: Eternal War tips and cheats to help you get stronger fast and to deal with all the enemies that lay up ahead!

If you want a game where you get to battle while you are doing your day’s work or any other chores, and you like games with beautiful detailed graphics and a ton of tasks to do on a daily basis, then I guarantee that you’ve found your poison in this game!

Because Devil Hunter has some catchy traditional music, and a story which features mythical beasts that you battle in order to conquer their power and get stronger, then you will most likely want to know all the ways to get stronger!

So let’s not waste another moment and dive right into the Devil Hunter: Eternal War tips and tricks right here below and teach you everything that you need to know about the game!

Don’t skip through the first phase

It will take you just a couple more minutes to play though it, so I really suggest that you don’t skip the tutorial because it will be a great missed opportunity to get some extra free items!

You can see what benefits you will get from this by tapping on the “Skip” button, so decide for yourself if it’s worth it or not, but I strongly advise against it.

devil hunter eternal war 6

Focus on the main quests at start

On the left side of the screen you will have your list of given quests, which will quickly start piling up! The ones that you should mainly focus on are the quests which have the “Main” text in front of them, because those are really going to get you through the early game extremely fast.

Basically what I recommend that you do is focus on completing the Main quests as they come, and when you cannot progress any further because of the level requirements you go on ahead and do the Side quests.

The side quests will have various requirements, such as completing a certain dungeon or enhancing some equipment, but the rewards you get from them are all going to be super useful because everything matters in this game!

Do your daily quests

Now the daily quests are tasks which you can complete on a daily basis and you can claim tons of EXP and other loot, which will help you get stronger. I recommend that you do all of the daily quests every single day, because the more you level up, the tougher it will be to gain EXP at a quick rate.

By doing your dailies you’ll be able to claim extra EXP as well as Gold and other useful loot, so it’s going to help you get stronger. Make sure that you complete your daily missions before they reset every day, because you will have to start over from the beginning if they reset!

devil hunter eternal war 5

Get the most out of the EXP Dungeon

The EXP Dungeon is going to be your “life saver” in terms of grinding EXP. Every day you can head in there several times, and you can farm monsters continuously for 6 minutes to gain experience.

Since you can do this multiple times a day, you should always try to get the most out of it by boosting all the EXP you get while inside. In order to do that, I really suggest that you check on the top side of the screen the “Inspire” button which will let you use some Gold to increase the amount of EXP you get.

Each Inspiration will give you +30% EXP so you will want to inspire yourself as much as possible. As a f2p player the best you could do is use Gold for it, and you can do that 5 times, up to a 150% extra EXP! So make sure that you do it from the beginning of the dungeon!

Use potions for even more EXP

Next to the Inspire button you will have the “Efficiency” one, which is another one I love. I suggest that if you have EXP potions you should use one of them in this dungeon because that can make you have up to 250% extra EXP.

There is a 50% Efficiency potion (+50% EXP) and a 100% Efficiency (+100% EXP) one, which is going to help you reach high levels fairly easy – so don’t forget to use them right away!

devil hunter eternal war 4

Hunt World Boss for amazing equipment

The World Boss is going to be probably the main best source of good red equipment that you can get. You will be able to hunt a level 90 World Boss, 130 and so on, so I really advise you that as soon as you can fight it, you head on there and start battling it!

There is a limit to how many world bosses you can fight, so if you are just at the beginning you can focus all of your attention to the level 90 one, but if you are close to level 120-125 then you should probably level up to 130 first and then battle the one that is level appropriate.

Now having battled these for quite a while, I will tell you a few tips to help you get aggro and loot every time:

– If there are two people fighting the same boss but not in the same team (party), then the one with the higher level will get the loot dropped.

– If there are two people in the party, and they are both against a single person of a higher level, chances are they will get the loot because they cumulative damage is higher than the single damage from the person attacking alone.

So, the silver lining here is that you should always pay attention to the damage and level of the people doing these bosses, and if you can’t seem to be able to party them, just leave and level up, then come back and attack the boss to get drops. If people accept the party invite, then it’s great!

Enhance your equipment

Your main Gold sink is going to be enhancing the equipment. You can head on to the Menu -> Forge and there you can spend Gold to enhance each individual piece of equipment. It will cost increasingly more, the higher enhance level you go, so I really suggest that whenever you have some extra Gold you spend it here.

This will give you a lot of CP over time, so even if you chance equipment the enhance level will remain. Prioritize enhancing the equipment which gives you ATK at start, then the one which gives you DEF.

devil hunter eternal war 3

Boost your Treasures

The Treasures are two pieces of equipment that you will wear, the Celestial Wings and the Cloak. I suggest that whenever you can upgrade these you do it, because they will not only give you a boost in appearance, but also increase the CP. You will need items that you obtain from quests and dungeons in order to upgrade them, but you should do it whenever you get the chance.

Boost the Pet and Mount

Similar to the Treasures, the Pet and the Mount you own can also be upgraded. You will obtain their upgrading materials from dungeons, so make sure that you upgrade both of them whenever you get the chance because they will give you some bonus stats that will add to your CP.

Save up Bound Diamonds

As a f2p player you will want to benefit from some great premium stuff too I assume, right? Well then, you will have Bound Diamonds that you can spend in the Shop! As you collect these Bound Diamonds you can choose to spend them on upgrading items for your partners or treasures, but what I really suggest you do is save 666 Bound Diamonds!

The EXP Panda costs 666 Bound Diamonds and you can benefit from its perks for 30 days! That will give you 50% EXP, it will auto collect drops for you and if you’re looking to surpass everybody, this is a must buy!

If you missed something, check the Power Up button

Sometimes you might not notice that there’s an upgrade available, and for that you will have the Power Up button to remind you of it. You can find it next to your skills, and whenever it pops up on the screen tap on it and make the available upgrades!

devil hunter eternal war 2

Smelt old unwanted gear

Now as you keep on fighting those world bosses, you will pick up a lot of equipment. Since you will be able to get a lot of new pieces, I suggest that you smelt the old gear because that will give you more CP.

To do that, simply tap on the Inventory -> Smelt and there you can place all of the equipment that you will not use, because that is the best thing you can do with it.

These would be all of our Devil Hunter: Eternal War tips and tricks that we have for you right now! Do you know some more useful game tips and strategies that you want to share with the rest of us? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below!

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