Detailed Guide on Resource Farming in Empires & Puzzles

Although Empires & Puzzles is focused on Pay to Win players, there are practically no resources that cannot be obtained through normal gameplay. Sure, collecting large amounts of food, iron, and upgrade materials for free can take a long time, but it is really possible.

Considering that all the resources in the game can be farmed, a reasonable question arises: what is the best way to do this? In this guide, we provide answers to basic questions about resource farming. To do this, we will take a quick look at each resource, its functions, and the best PvE missions you should complete to get these resources.

Food and Iron

These two main resources are used to construct and upgrade buildings at your base, as well as to level up the Stronghold. Food in large quantities is used to train new heroes and to level up your main characters. At the beginning of the game, it may seem that both of these resources are enough, but then you will reach level 10 of the Stronghold. At this point, it turns out that you will need hundreds of thousands of iron units to improve buildings, and high-level heroes will need the same amount of food for further improvement.

Fortunately, there are various ways to farm food and iron in Empires & Puzzles:

  • The most obvious way is to build farms and mines every time cells appear on the base for the construction of new buildings. Remember to upgrade these structures as you level up the Stronghold because they are the only source of food and iron.
  • You can also get these resources by raiding other players’ bases. But at the beginning of the game, your team will most likely lose to most of the enemy’s defensive units. There is no matchmaking in the game, so you will constantly attack high-level enemies at the beginning of the game.
  • Another way is to farm food and iron is PvE missions. While most missions provide a small amount of these resources, there are a few that are particularly beneficial. You should pay attention to them as soon as they become available. For food, these are the following missions: 13-2 (675 food per unit of energy), 8-4, 7-5, 6-5, 5-7, and 4-6. And iron can be received in bigger amounts in the following missions: 15-4 (1909 iron per unit of energy), 12-1, 8-4, 10-5, and 6-8.

Recruits and Rare Items

Training heroes from recruits is one of the best ways to get and improve heroes without using premium currency. However, you must first find recruits during missions, and only then send them to the training camp. Here is a list of the best recruit farming missions: 12-9 (at least 9 recruits for 4 energy units), 14-9 (10 recruits for 5 energy units). There are other missions, during which you can get a good number of recruits per unit of energy, but the above two are the best and the easiest to complete. By the way, no mission further along the plot will give a better ratio of recruits to energy.

When you have collected enough recruits, you will need food, as well as additional items to grow strong heroes from them. In addition, your heroes will need materials for ascension. Ascension is necessary to overcome the threshold of the maximum level and improve the skills of the heroes. Here are the most common items you will need for this:

  • Practice Swords (for training common heroes): levels 1-8 in province 10, season 2 in hard mode.
  • Adventurer Kits (for training normal and uncommon heroes): levels 1-8 in province 1, season 2 hard.
  • Rugged Clothes (for training 3-star heroes): provinces 1-8 levels 4, season 2 hard.
  • Wooden Shield (for training 3- and 4-star heroes): levels 1-8 provinces 6, season 1 in easy mode.
  • Leather Armor (for training 3- and 4-star heroes): levels 1-8 provinces 6, season 1 in easy mode.
  • Sharpening Stone (for training a legendary hero): provinces 1-8 levels 10, season 1 in easy mode.

Some ascension materials cannot be found on the world map. They can only be obtained by completing tasks, participating in events, and defeating titans together with the alliance. Unless, of course, you are ready to purchase them with premium currency.

XP to Level up the Player

To get new heroes and improve existing ones, as well as to develop the base, you will need a high level of the player. The higher your level, the more game features you unlock. Some of them contribute to your progress. For example, alliances (and titans) open only at the 4th level of the player, and quests can be completed by players with level 10 and above.

The only way to get a large amount of experience to increase the player’s level is by completing PvE missions on the world map. The most beneficial XP to energy ratio is given by the following missions: 7-4 (for beginners), 9-1, 12-9, 17-1 (for intermediate players), 20-4, and 23-10 (for advanced players). The last mission on this list offers the highest experience-to-energy ratio and gives 405 experience per unit of energy.

Monsters and Elemental Chests

Finally, you should complete various chest missions in order to receive unique materials for improvement and ascension. However, to open such an elemental chest, you will need to defeat several enemies of a certain color. Here is a list of the best missions for obtaining these chests:

  • Purple monsters: 8-4 and 7-4 (11 and 9-15 monsters of darkness, respectively).
  • Blue monsters: 8-7 (9-15 water monsters).
  • Red monsters: 20-4 (up to 12 fire monsters) or 6-8 (for beginners).
  • Yellow monsters: 8-4 and 7-4 (same as with purple monsters). 
  • Green monsters: 7-5 (9-15 earth monsters).

The exact number of monsters of a certain color that you will face in one mission depends on the mood of the gods of Random. The missions mentioned above are most likely to spawn monsters of a specific color and also have the best experience-to-energy ratio.

Now you know everything about where and how to find monsters, get recruits, experience, food, and iron, as well as special items. Look for it all and spend your energy wisely in Empires & Puzzles!

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