Destination Solitaire is the classic game of solitaire with a travelling twist! Travel around the world as you play set games of solitaire while collecting stars. With enough stars you’ll be able to earn awesome souvenirs that you can add to your passport book! Destination Solitaire will make you a frequent flyers with its easy to pick up and play gameplay and fun visuals. Our Destination Solitaire cheats and tips will help you become a travelling solitaire master!

There’s lots of challenges to overcome all over the world of Destination Solitaire, so let’s get started with ourĀ Destination Solitaire cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Fill up the combo meter!

Making successful matches on the board will fill up the combo meter at the top right corner of the screen. You’ll need to act fast because the meter doesn’t stay filled for long – it decays slowly over time. The more you match successively, the more it fills, and if you can fill it all the way one card on the board will turn into a special blue card. Matching this blue card will add extra house cards into your hand, allowing you more chances to clear the board! Try to match accurately and quickly to get the most out of this. Be careful though – if you have no matches and you pull a card from your hand, the combo meter will automatically reset back to zero.

Collect all the stars!

Each level has three stars for you to collect. The first star is obtained by simply beating the level by completing the objective. The second star is obtained by beating the preset high score on the level. The third and final star must be obtained by finishing the level within under the time limit. If you miss a star don’t worry; you can retry the level at any time you want to have another shot.

Try to collect as many stars as you can. Every star is recorded into your passport, and once you’ve gained enough you’ll unlock a special souvenir that’s permanently added into your passport. Every time you unlock a new souvenir you’ll earn some awesome goodies, including golden tickets, the premium currency of the game, and boosters!

Balance speed and accuracy!

So, as you’ve noticed, you have a great deal of encouragement to blaze through the levels as fast as you can. Don’t go too fast though as you don’t want to miss any potential matches. You’ll notice that after the first two levels the game will stop highlighting potential matches for you and you’ll need to keep a close eye to ensure you don’t miss any. If you draw a house card while there was a potential match on the board, the card in question will rattle to notify you that you missed it! If you so wish you can undo a move, but it costs quite the hefty amount of golden tickets to do so. Additionally you can also activate the Foretelling booster which activates the highlighting again for that level.

Remove packages right away!

On certain levels you’ll have to deal with packages. Packages cover groups of cards on the board, and you’ll need to spend a house card to get rid of the package. You should do this right away as packages can cover a lot of potential matches, and you’ll be missing out on a lot of options if you leave them lying around.

That’s all forĀ Destination Solitaire! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!


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