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Demon Blade Guide: Tips & Cheats To Become a Better Demon Slayer

Demon Blade Guide: Tips & Cheats To Become a Better Demon Slayer

With the moon vanishing overnight, the world’s balance is in shambles. After eons of peace, the demons have returned once again. Legendary Demon Slayers have been called from around the world to quell the threat of demonic invasion.

It is time to spring into action in Demon Blade, a new action RPG. Play as a samurai and tear apart demons in fast-paced, twitch-based combat that will test all of your reflexes. Do you have what it takes to become a true demon slayer?

In our Demon Blade tips and tricks guide, we will go over the combat system and how to master it. Demon Blade is unflinching with its difficulty, so you will need to get a grasp of the battle mechanics right away. Let’s get started with our Demon Blade cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide to become a better demon slayer!

Know your Attacks

The tutorial will teach you that each of the cardinal directions will result in a different attack. There is an attack if you swipe up, left, right, or down, but the game never explains what the differences are between them.

Swiping up will perform a quick light attack that consumes the least amount of stamina and deals the lowest damage. However, it comes out lightning fast, which makes is invaluable for attempting to counter enemies.

Swiping left or right will perform a horizontal slice that deals decent damage and consumes a moderate amount of stamina. This is your go-to basic attack, as it deals moderate damage and is decently fast.

Swiping down will charge a heavy attack that deals big damage. Your samurai will sheathe their blade then strike with the force of a mighty blow. This attack has the longest wind-up time, so do not just throw it out randomly – wait for the opportune moment, then strike. Naturally, this attack consumes all of your stamina.

For the most part, you can stick with just horizontal swipes to deal consistent damage, even though it is not too flashy. If you want to go big, down attacks deals lots of damage but they are also the riskiest moves.

Countering and Full Counters

Tap the screen without swiping and your samurai will assume a guard stance for a second. Getting hit in this stance will reduce the damage you take, so good timing is a must. Keep in mind that guarding stops stamina regen, so be careful.

Guarding is good, however it is much better to attempt to counter your enemies rather than take damage. There are two ways to do this: counters and full counters. These two techniques are the most important things to learn in Demon Blade because they let you negate damage entirely!

Counters occur when you attack an enemy just as they are about to attack you. The timing is a little tight, so do not worry if you get hit a couple times as you are practicing this.

The best move to use when you are going for a counter is the quick upward swipe attack. If you counter successfully, you will see a silver COUNTER pop up above the enemy and their attack animation will be interrupted.

The second method is to pull off a full counter. These are much more riskier to attempt, but the payoff is worth it! To perform a full counter, you must guard an attack at the last possible moment!

The timing is EXTREMELY strict, so again, do not feel too bad if you cannot get it down right away. If you guard too early, you will just perform a normal guard and take the reduced damage. If you guard too late, you will end up eating the full amount of damage.

But if you time it just right, the blue shield animation will turn orange to signify you performed a full counter, and your samurai will negate all damage and retaliate for big damage.

To help yourself with the timing, do not try to full counter every enemy you encounter for the first time. Instead, just guard normally but keep a close eye on the enemy – watch their animations so that you become familiar with their wind-up animations.

Everything you Need to Know about Demons

Not all demons are inherently evil – some are even willing to help you. These special demons take the form of spirit energy, and they can bind to your blade, adding elemental properties and granting you access to special moves.

Demon Elements

During the tutorial, you will do a free 10x summon which will get you a bunch of basic demons. First and foremost, you should know that every demon belongs to one of the five elemental affinities, and you inflict bonus damage if you hit their weakness.

Fire beats nature, nature beats storm, storm beats water, and water beats fire. The fifth element, void, beats itself. When your sword is using the correct element against a monster, you will deal much more damage. Likewise, if the monster resists your element, you will deal minimal damage.

The game will give you a preview of the monsters you will encounter before the start of each level, so make sure you prepare your demons appropriately. The elemental advantage can make all of the difference, so do not sleep on this mechanic.

Release Moves

As you battle it out with a demon imbued in your sword, a little meter at the bottom right corner of the screen will fill up. This is your release meter, and when it is at least half way full you can perform a powerful release move that deals massive damage.

The meter fills up every time you land a hit, but ever so slightly. However, if you land multiple hits in a row, you will start to see a combo multiplier next to the meter. The more hits you land in succession without taking damage, the bigger your multiplier will be, making it easier to charge up the meter.

Remember how we said that avoiding damage altogether is the most important technique you can learn in Demon Blade? This is why – release moves are powerful moves that can end fights very quickly, but you will not be able to use them in time if you are constantly taking damage.

If you were wondering, even successfully guarding an attack will break your combo. You need to either counter or full counter the enemy – nothing else will preserve your combo.

Powering up Demons

Demons can be upgraded with the use of black essence, a mysterious form of energy that is dropped by the evil demons you fight.

When you upgrade a demon, their elemental damage gets stronger. Their release move does not change, but it will grow stronger if you raise the level cap.

Once a demon hits its initial level cap – which is determined by its starting rarity – you can raise the demon’s level cap by merging it with a duplicate of the same demon. This way, you can continue to power up your favorite demons.

Constantly Upgrade your Gear

If you want to survive in the world of Demon Blade, you need to be constantly upgrading your gear and we mean constantly. After each level you will probably find a new piece of armor, but which one should you equip?

Each piece of gear has a “potential” rating, and this shows you how much it can be upgraded before it is capped out. Generally, going for the higher rarity and higher potential gear is the best move.

But you can also go after specific stats as well. There are a number of stats that the game does not explain, so allow us:

  • Strength (fist) determines how much damage you do with your regular attacks.
  • Vitality (heart) determines your maximum health.
  • Armor (shield) reduces the amount of damage you take.
  • Dexterity (shuriken) determines how fast your stamina regenerates during combat.
  • Precision (eye) increases the window for landing full counters.
  • Luck (clover) increases the probability of critical hits.
  • Power (glare) increases the damage of critical hits and full counters.
  • Thorn (thorn) increases block time and reflects some damage back to the enemy.

Some of these stats are highly valuable, like precision and dexterity. We recommend going after these two stats in particular, as they will make fighting much easier.

Regardless of what gear you pick, you can spend green essence to improve it, increasing its stats. You should be doing this often because you get a lot of essence, and your gear needs to be in tip-top shape to stand a chance of survival.

You should also know that there are set bonuses in the game as well. Each piece of gear belongs to a set, and if you equip all pieces of the set, the set bonus will activate.

For example, an early game set is the leather set. If you equip the head, gloves, pants, and chest pieces you will get a small power stat increase.

Complete Quests

In order to get more demons, you will need to summon them with the game’s premium currency magatamas. You get them for leveling up and progressing through the game, so we recommend completing all the of the quests.

You have normal quests and daily quests. Daily quests should taken care of first, because if you manage to finish them all you will receive 100 magatamas.

Regular quests can be completed at any time and they are all worth a varying amount of magatamas, so make sure to do those as well. You need all of the magatamas you can get.

That’s all for Demon Blade. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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