Demi Lovato is back with a second game! This time she’s taken on the role of a zombie slayer in Demi Lovato Zombarazzie Adventure! Zombarazzie Adventure is a match-3 puzzle game with a spooky twist, just in time for Halloween! You’ll be matching multi-colored zombies to help Demi slay them all! Let’s get to work with our Demi Lovato Zombarazzie Adventure cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Zombarazzie Adventure doesn’t stray too far from the tried and test match-3 puzzle game genre, but we still have a couple of tips and tricks for this game, so here’s our Demi Lovato Zombarazzie tips and tricks guide.


1. Plan your moves and think ahead!

Remember! The more zombies you match in one go, the better the power up you’ll receive in the end. Thus, you should always try to make big matches. To do this you’ll need to plan ahead. Don’t just match two or three zombies without a plan. Instead, try to match groups of zombies in a way so that a certain type of zombies will fall next to other zombies of the same type. You’ll be able to get big combos by planning ahead and trying to bunch of zombies together.

2. Always work towards your objective!

A common staple of the match-3 puzzle genre is objectives for each level. Demi Lovato’s zombie hacking adventure isn’t any different, as you’ll have to take down a number of specific types of zombies in each level. Use your moves wisely and always try to work towards your objective. That means that you should try to only match the zombies you need for your objective and try to ignore the other zombies if you can. Of course, there are some exceptions to this…

3. Utilize the power ups!

On certain levels, there are obstacles strewn about the board to impede your progress. These obstacles make it really hard to match certain zombies, so this is where power ups come in. As you learn during the tutorial, power ups are formed when you match five zombies or more. Swords are useful for clearing out rows that are obstructing zombies that you can’t quite reach. The camera is also great for nuking a chunk of zombies. The potion, while extremely helpful in its own sense, isn’t too great for targeting specific parts of the board.

Going off of the above tip, you can utilize these power ups to make things much easier. Say for example you need to drop a puppy but all of the zombies around the puppy are different types, leaving no matches possible. Look around the board and see if you can find a cluster of zombies. If there are five or more, you can get a sword power up. This will let you clear the line below the puppy from afar!

4. Save your moves!

At the end of a level any remaining moves you have will turn random zombies on the board into potions, giving you a huge score boost at the end. To get three stars on a level, you’ll need to pass a certain point threshold, though the game doesn’t tell exactly what it is. To improve your chances, try to conserve your moves. We stated before that it’s very important to plan ahead and use your moves wisely, and this is one of the other big reasons to do so! The last score boost gives you a huge amount of points.

That’s all for Demi Lovato’s Zombie Adventure. Or should we say, zombarazzie? If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!



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