Pocket Gems have just launched a super celebrity-themed episodic adventure game for us all to enjoy: Demi Lovato: Path to Fame. Extremely well written and with difficult choices for you to make along the way, this is actually an amazing experience even if you’re not the biggest Demi Lovato fan that ever was. I am not, and I still had a great time making the choices and helping my character become a real celebrity. And the challenge is on!

Things are really difficult, though, but fortunately there is not a single “right way” to do it, but some choices certainly make your life as a future superstar a lot easier. We’re here to talk about that in our Demi Lovato: Path to Fame cheats and tips article and hopefully our guide to become famous will help you get the most out of the game faster.

1. The choices you make MATTER
Each major choice that you make in the game has different outcomes: even though usually stories follow the same routes, how you get there changes. There are three categories that will be affected: fans, friendship and love. And although you will want to keep them all as high as possible, you won’t be able to do so and you will have to sacrifice something – and quite often.

So what’s best to choose? Well, since you want to become a superstar, your Fans matter the most so try to make the choices that will bring you most fans. Some of the effects are hidden (the game doesn’t show you what will happen if you make that choice) but you can anticipate them. If you can’t, just follow your gut and do what you would normally do in real life. It’s a game about YOU, after all!

2. How to get free passes
The game gives you free episode passes every four hours, but sometimes you might not want to wait that long to get extra. There are two ways to get free passes in Demi Lovato: Path to Fame:

– add Facebook referral codes from your friends (you can keep an eye on the game’s Facebook page where people post theirs often)
– use the “time lapse” cheat: when you are out of passes, go to your device’s settings menu and change the time forward by 4 hours (or better, one day). You will get your free passes!

3. Play with headphones on!
Not only that you will get to listen to some nice Demi Lovato music, but some of the events in the game require you to tap in the rhythm of the music. You can pass the stages even if you don’t, but if you do it flawlessly you will get better rewards.

4. Diamonds for premium clothes
The truth is that even without spending real money (or diamonds) on the recommended clothes or other boosts that can be unlocked as you play an Episode, you can still get where you are supposed to, but with a bit more trouble. However, it’s good to know that the game won’t end or ruin your experience if you don’t spend the diamonds. They offer a good alternative and an easy way to great rewards, but they’re not a must!

5. Be smart and find what people like
Being a Demi Lovato game and trying to simulate the lifestyle of a Demi Lovato type of celebrity, the game will obviously not reward you a lot for sporting a mean, psycho look or behavior. Have this in mind when playing and making your choice: ask yourself “What would Demi do?” and if you manage to find the answer, you’ll get the better rewards. Also remember what your friends and characters you interact with like and you will easily get the most out of each event and become a star in no time!

Demi Lovato: Path to Fame is actually a game that you should, ideally, play as you feel, not as you should. But being prepared and knowing what to expect sometimes helps a lot in shaping your career. So if you found other things that might be considered useful, let us know by commenting below!


  1. DG9BDCLUVZ because you can only use referrals once so make it count, I altered mine and you can get about 8-9 passes. It’s not much but that’s the limit to my altering I’m afraid, but at least you get more than 3

  2. because you can only use referrals once so make it count, I altered mine and you can get about 8-9 passes. It’s not much but that’s the limit to my altering I’m afraid, but at least you get more than 3…

  3. Referral Code = LPE9YWHNTS
    But I do agree w what u say helps u out and I believe that u can have a bit extra diamonds if you play Mean Girls on there, I noticed I started Path to Fame e more than usual after I finished Mean Girls(: Yw!!

  4. To get free passes go to SETTINGS and then INPUT THE REFERRAL CODE BELOW For 6 passes, type in: 2PJMRAGNVV
    Rapidly click enter for guarantee 6 free passes!

  5. Some bugs/ creators didn’t pay enough attention to everything: well you all prob know that you can choose to be lesbian in this story, which I’m really happy about. The weird thing is that people sometimes mention boyfriend even though it makes zero sense in my case. The same thing happens if I make unique choices that the creators didn’t expect and then talk about stuff that relates to the choices I didn’t make.
    My sleeve is also a bit bugged and keeps disappearing sometimes.
    It’s still a really great story/game.


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