Welcome to Deltarune! You’ll be playing as Kris and traveling with your friends Susie and Ralsei. Meet the inhabitants of the world while embarking on a mission to seal the Dark Fountains!

In Deltarune Chapter 2, you can make various choices as to whom to give the gift. Different characters may have various reactions, all of which lead to diverse outcomes in the game.

Where Do I Get the Gift?

You receive the gift from the Queen, who initially obtains it from masked Noelle. The Queen first takes the gift, but then thinks against it and eventually gives it to Kris, the character you’re playing.

Give the Gift to Berdly

If you grant a gift to Berdly, he takes it gladly, although your relationship is not a good one. He’s satisfied with the present—it’s his own copy made of plush—and therefore joins your team. Yay to making new allies!

Give the Gift to Noelle

If you choose to give Noelle a present, she’s overjoyed. However, after further examination, she’ll wonder if it was the same one that she had presented to the Queen and then asks Kris whether he wanted a refund. Miscommunication much!

Give the Gift to Ralsei

If you give a gift to Ralsei, he’s pleasantly surprised and decides to win Kris a prize as a thank you. Then he throws a baseball ball towards something that looks like a box and ends up hitting Noelle.

Give the Gift to Susie

If you give a present to Susie, be prepared to be called a robber since she doesn’t believe that you can win anything at all. Not liking to feel like someone has outdone her, Susie decides to steal for Kris something as well. This leads to a confrontation with Noelle if she’s at the Queen’s side, if you choose the “she’s our enemy” option. 

A funny thing to note: only Berdly gets to actually unwrap the present. 

We hope that our list was helpful! Take care and have fun!

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Deltarune Chapter 2 All Gift Choices Guide


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