Delivery Outlaw is a really great new physics driving game from Adult Swim, and also an incredibly difficult one – at least in my case. However, I managed to get all gears in most stages and I am here to share with you how I did that by sharing some Delivery Outlaw cheats and tips for this great driving game. Because I am sure you need it!

So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the Delivery Outlaw tips and tricks that will help you make it to the end with the package intact. Or in a condition as close to perfect as possible!

1. It’s all about the upgrades
Upgrading your vehicle is the key to success. The only thing you should do, actually, to improve your chances of winning the races and our main focus. However, don’t go overboard with the upgrades too soon, because the Scooter especially and the Frenzy Bug will not be useful for the later stages as they are not strong enough. I would suggest improving the scooter only a few times on the cheapest upgrades and save the money for the more expensive Frenzy Bug upgrades. That is the vehicle you’ll be using a lot because the second chapter is really difficult, and you can still use this vehicle to cruise through the first chapter too!

2. What upgrades to purchase
Some upgrades are better than others. I would personally suggest to focus on the three main stats in this order: Grip, Power and Speed. Shocks are also good to upgrade in order to get an even better vehicle, but the three listed are extremely important. I would again suggest maxing out the cheapest upgrades before moving to the more powerful ones, because you will need a lot of cash for the better incoming vehicles.

3. What is the best vehicle in Delivery Outlaw
I personally like the Dethtrukk for its increased stability, but when you unlock it, you will be shocked with its low speed (and something to upgrade!) Generally, the golden rule of thumb is that the newer vehicle is the best to play for the new set of missions, but it all depends on your play style and the route. So try to learn to master two vehicles (maybe the Dethtrukk and Nonsense Cart) and use them accordingly: the first one when you need more power and grip, and the second one when the speed bonus is important.

4. Complete the missions
Every day, you will get three missions to complete in the game. Make sure you do so for some easy cash that will help you upgrade the cars faster.

5. Learn to control the vehicle
This is clearly one of the most important things for you to do: if you learn to properly control the vehicle, you will have a lot better chances to complete each mission. Basically, things are pretty simple: Gas tilts the vehicle backwards and Brake tilts it forward. From now on, it’s all about learning the route and see how to control it for the best results.

6. Replay older missions
You get more coins from completing a mission than failing miserably at one, so complete older missions when you need extra money for the upgrades. You will also gain new gears (hopefully) that will unlock more upgrade options for your vehicles. And it does good to your sanity, too, to know that you can actually beat this game!

So these would be, for now, our Delivery Outlaw tips and tricks for Adult Swim’s game. I really hope that you’ll understand the game better now and you’ll be more successful when it comes to completing the missions!


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