Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life is the next exciting new chapter in Emily’s life! Delicious is a slice of life game where you’ll help Emily run her video blog and restaurant in a Diner Dash styled game. Our Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life cheats and tips will help you guide Emily through the ups and down of her life, all the while keeping her positive when she gets the big news!

Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life is a sweet and fun little game. You’re probably wondering how the story unfolds, so let’s get started with our Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Combos are key for high scores!

Combos are important for getting lots of tips! You’ll quickly notice that Emily gets two types of customers – “to-go” customers that order from the front desk, and “sit-down” customers who will sit at one of your tables and take their time. Sit-down customers won’t order right away and they take time to eat their food, so they won’t pay right away either. To-go customers are much more speedier. They take less time to order, and they will pay as soon as you deliver their order.

Because of this, we recommend “holding” onto customers. You see, if you completely satisfy a customer – completing their order and collecting their tip – you’ll get a bonus depending on how fast you were overall.

You’ll get another bonus if you manage to complete multiple orders at the same time. There are two spots at the front desk for customers. If you have one customer waiting for you to collect their money, wait for another customer to arrive, then collect from both. You’ll get a sweet combo bonus for your troubles!

Customers aren’t the only thing you can combo off of – dirty tables can combo too! If you’ve recently satisfied a sit-down group, an exclamation mark will show you that the table needs to be clean.

With a little luck on your side you’ll have two groups sit down at roughly the same time, because if you order Emily to clean multiple tables in succession you’ll get a combo bonus. Tables are a little more riskier though, because sit-down groups will not sit at dirty tables, so be careful about waiting for too long!

Watch those hearts!

Heart containers will appear over customers’ heads to show you how patient they are with you. As the hearts decrease, so does your tips, so try not to leave customers waiting around for too long!

The one exception to this is of course the first tip right above. When a customer goes up to the front desk to pay, their hearts will refill. You can afford to let one heart drop while you wait for another customer to combo with.

Utilize the alternate menu dishes!

Once you’ve served enough of a single dish, you’ll unlock an alternate version of it. There are two alternatives to each dish to unlock, and each one has a special bonus.

For example, your donuts can be Pink Glazed Donuts or White Glazed Donuts. Pink glazed donuts have the Quick Preparation bonus, which means Emily can prep them faster than normal. The white glazed donuts have the Mood Bonus which refills customers’ hearts.

There’s really no wrong choice here, so just try to choose based on your weaknesses. Is Emily getting jammed by long preps? Try using the dish with the quick preparation bonus. Note that each dish has its own unique alternatives, so you may come across new bonuses. Plan accordingly, and make sure that you’re never just using the regular version of the dish!

Complete the challenge levels and daily challenge!

Some levels will branch off the main path – these levels are Challenge Levels and they’re designated by storks. These levels focus on a singular mechanic; Challenge 1-2 for example requires you to perform a table combo, like we mentioned before. These levels are worth doing because they’re one of the few ways to earn diamonds, the premium currency of the game.

Eventually you will also unlock the Daily Challenge. This special challenge changes every day and there’s a new rule or gimmick involved, like disappearing dishes. Try to complete these with three stars, as they reward you with three diamonds.

That’s all for Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life! We hope you enjoy Emily’s precious journey, and if you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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Delicious – Emily’s Miracle of Life Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide


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