There’s really no shortage of unique games on the App Store, games that try to offer something truly different with their unique settings and gameplay experience.

Deep Under The Sky is definitely one of the more unique games developed for iOS devices, as nothing like this has ever seen before not only on mobile devices but also on consoles and PC.


In Deep Under The Sky players will have to control an alien jellyfish which wishes nothing more than preserve its own species. If the basic premise of the game wasn’t unique enough, the gameplay experience of Deep Under The Sky is also quite unusual, mixing together exploration, puzzle and platform games features.

Deep Under The Sky is also going to feature quite a bit of content, with over 80 levels divided into four different worlds. Each stage obviously comes with its own challenges, where the jellyfish will have to avoid traps, defeat enemies, fertilize friends and much more

Deep Under The Sky is now available on the New Zealand store, meaning that it will soon become available in all the other regions. The game will be available for $2.99. Make sure to check it out if you’re looking for a unique gameplay experience to enjoy on the go.




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