Deep Loot is one of the hottest releases this week on the App Store and we’re already having an amazing time exploring the ocean and trying to go as deep as possible. And since that’s not an easy job, we’re also here to share with you a set of Deep Loot cheats, actually some tips and tricks that will create the ultimate strategy guide for the ocean explorers out there with the desire to get all the possible loot and unlock everything in the game.

So here are our Deep Loot tips and tricks for fellow players worldwide:


1. Wait for loot to drop
I know that you’re a busy diver and you have a lot of other things to do, but tapping the loot items after you open a chest or remove a dirt tile consumes air, air that you can use to dive more. So simply wait for the loot to drop and just move your character over it to pick it up. This is how you do it!

2. You have access to loot anywhere
Did you just spot a great looking chest to the right of the screen, but there’s a three tiles thick wall in between and you have no air left? You can still tap the treasure chest to open it and tap the items to pick them up. Even better, even when you run out of air, if there are items you can tap to collect – do so, and you will still be allowed to collect them!

3. Upgrades are the most important
In Deep Loot, spending all the coins that you earn on getting upgrades for your character is everything you have to do in order to make sure that you’ll go deeper and deeper. Usually, air upgrades are the most important to be purchased first simply because you need air to dive longer. We’ll talk about each of the upgrade options in the shop below.

4. What to buy from the Suit Store
There is are a ton of suits available for purchase, each with its pros and cons. I would suggest purchasing first the Vintage Deep because it’s cheap and gives you 10% more air (and also increased Defense). Later on, when you have some more coins and other upgrades purchased, go for the Pro Yellow suit, and finally invest in the Ultrabot which increases all your Perks!

5. What to buy from the Upgrade Shack
After getting a new suit, the second place to visit should always be the Upgrade Shack. There are just three things to upgrade there: Air, Drill and Weapon. I would go for them in the order I just listed them, one at a time!

6. What to buy from the Ship Shop
Getting a new ship is really expensive and not really worthwhile for some time after starting the game. Get the Second Wind for the free air boost and ignore the ships for a long while afterwards!

7. Always stock up on Dive Supplies
The fourth and extremely important category in the Deep Loot shop is the Dive Supplies, and you should always go diving with a bunch of them. Buy a bunch of Air Value Packs (never buy a single item!) and Key Value Packs and use them only when and if you need them. For the extra fun and challenge, use an Super Boost every now and then to go deeper for better treasure and more dangerous sea creatures.

8. Ignore the fishies
Most of the fish and living creatures that you encounter while diving are peaceful and won’t attack you unless you attack them first. So it’s usually a better idea to ignore them than to attack and waste air until you take them out. Of course, if you have a mission, go for them little creatures!

9. Complete the missions
Before starting a new dive, check out your missions (you can do so while you dive, too) and try to focus your play on getting these missions completed as fast as possible for the extra rewards.

10. Swim, don’t dig
When you tap an area on the screen for your diver to get to, he will choose the shortest way to get there, even if that means digging through a lot of dirt. Even though there can always be hidden treasures in these tiles, I would suggest to take the easy route and just swim to the area you want to reach, avoiding the blocks of dirt. This way you get to see more of the ocean and increase your chances of stumbling upon rares and chests.

11. Learn the rewards behind tiles
Try to remember what type of resources and goodies you are more likely to get from removing a specific type of tile. Some will give you gold nuggets, while others have more chances of spawning a collectible. Try them all out and learn which are the best choices to remove.

And these would be for now our Deep Loot cheats and tips for this great iPhone and iPad game. If you have suggestions of your own, let us know by commenting below!



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