Decurse Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best Farm

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In today’s article we are going to share with you all the Decurse tips and cheats you need to know in order to build a good farming community and never run out of resources.

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Since this game will require quite a lot of time invested in order to be productive, I’m going to tell you exactly what you should do if you want to lower that time. From when it is worth using the Gems to how to best use the magic and what to crop, I’ve got you covered! 

So, if you are ready, then let’s get right into the Decurse tips and tricks then!

Pick up all the trash

Well, not literally trans, but rather in game rubble. You will see lying around on the ground several types of trash blocks, from wall trash to starfish and other such items. Always try to tap on them as soon as you see them because that way not only will they be cleared, but also you have a chance to get a random loot box.

This look box will appear randomly, so that’s why it’s important that you always try to pick up every piece of junk you see on the ground. You will get Coins and EXP and who knows – maybe even some better loot!

Always plant and harvest the crops

In order to craft anything and even feed the animals (which you then use to produce stuff for you) you’ll need basic materials. These basic materials are the plants that you grow in the designated areas called Farm Patches.

There is a limited number of Farm Patches you can have per level, so make sure you always build them to have them maxed at all times. 

Also, another thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t leave them empty! Always plant at least Corn and Wheat, because that is the most basic ingredients you need in order to keep the farm animals producing.

I suggest that you always have enough of these materials (Corn and Wheat) because you will need them more than you think! So keep on farming!

Decorate however you like – it’s your farm!

A really cool feature of the game is the decorations! You can decorate using Gold or Gems and the Decor items can be purchased as much as you want. So if you see a statue or some cool looking fences, make sure you let your imagination free to create!

There are several stuff you can pick from, including flowers, bushes, trees, statues, lamps and fences! And if there happens to be a special event in the game, there might also be some time limited only decors! 

Always make sure you check out the store and keep yourself up to date with all the events!

Complete as many Achievements as you can

The Achievements button can be found on the left side of the screen and there you will see several tasks that you have to complete in order to claim the rewards. If you want to finish some tasks sooner, the rewards you get from Achievements can come in handy quite a lot. 

Always try to complete them because the Gems will be very useful in the future.

Log in daily for some really cool rewards!

Every single day that you open the game you’ll receive some cool rewards. You should log in daily and claim them, because even if you don’t plan on playing that particular day, they will come in handy for when you will play. The rewards will give out new stuff every day for a week, and afterwords it will reset back to day 1 and start over.

Build all the Fountains you can

This is a very (and I mean very!) important thing which will keep you progressing through the game quicker. From the Fountains you will receive Magic, which is used to purify the Cursed Area. You are going to need quite a lot of Magic, because the whole island is basically cursed! 

So build all the fountains you can and I would also suggest that you build them in the same area, so you will have them all together and collect all the magic at once, without having to look for them continuously. 

Fill the Magic Pumpkin with all the items you obtain

The Magic Pumpkin will require some items which you collect from farming and completing various tasks, so always put the items you get in the pumpkin to fill it up quickly. Once it’s full, it will give you some really cool rewards, so make sure you do this. It not only helps you fill the Pumpkin, but also helps you empty your bag!

Decurse as many areas as you can

Decursing is basically removing the “curses” placed on the areas, which you can see are colored purple or have some purple items around them. Just tap on them and start using the Magic that you’ve gathered to clear the areas off the curses. 

When you are removing the curses from the areas it will take some time, so if you are in a rush you could use the Gems to speed up the process. It’s really all about investing the time to do the right things. Once you unlock new areas, you will unlock new items and a whole world of possibilities!

The most important: complete tasks!

There are two things you should pay extra attention to: The Hot Air Balloon and the Requests Board. The Hot Air Balloon unlocks trade routes, which you need if you want to improve the villagers’ houses and your bag slots. 

All you need to do is fill up the barrels with the required items and ship them away! When they return, you will have some goodies which you can use to further make your island stand out.

The same goes for the Requests Board. There, you will have people requesting farm items which you can produce and ship away. They also give rewards, so make sure you complete these if you want to upgrade the farm quickly.

Make the villagers happy

You will often see on top of the villagers a bubble with an item inside. That represents the villager’s wish, and if you have that item, you can give it to the villager. It will make them happy and increase your points! 

Move the buildings and use up all the land

If you tap and hold on a building or decor you can move it around. I would suggest that you keep your island organized, because it is going to be easier to see all the requests and completed items in one place, rather than move around quite a lot.

Also, don’t forget to use as many decorations as you want (within your Gold limit of course)! They will make your people happy and give your island a unique look!

These would be all of our Decurse tips and tricks! If you know some other cool game strategies or tips, make sure you share them with us and all the other players down in the comments section below! 

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Decurse Cheats: Tips & Guide to Build the Best Farm

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