A new gameplay video is now available for Death Road to Canada, the really unique game currently in development by Rocketcat Games and Madgarden.

The video, which can be found at the end of this post, showcases more the wacky gameplay experience of the “randomized permadeath road trip simulator” game, as the developers have defined their unique title.


The new Death Road to Canada gameplay video has been released to mark a special day for the game, as it was supposed to be released on iOS and Steam exactly one year ago. Unfortunately both teams have been busy with other projects and were unable to work on Death Road to Canada. Still, more news are definitely on the way, considering that a large private beta involving backers is going to begin soon.

Death Road to Canada is a unique game were players will have to travel from Florida to Canada during a zombie invasion. The game will combine some survival features together with a choices system and more, creating a really unusual gameplay experience.

Death Road to Canada has yet to receive a final release date. More on the game is surely going to be coming soon so stay tuned for all the latest updates on Death Road to Canada and other iOS games.



  1. Death Road to Canada just released a new live action trailer featuring a driving dog!

    Also contains new gameplay, footage and more!


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